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Online Strategy for Malaria Consortium

No description

Vivienne Benson

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Online Strategy for Malaria Consortium

The 'building blocks' of an Online Strategy for Malaria Consortium

By Vivienne Benson

External context - Strengths
Sticking with what works and exploring new ground
Target audiences
Global policymakers in development and health
National and local decision makers
UK Government
Civil Society Organisations and academic institutions
General public and media
MC programme staff
Communications Objectives
Organisational Objectives
External context - Weaknesses
Financial environment
Malaria and health is a crowded marketplace
Many organisations competing for online space
Key online methods
Current online activities
Monitoring and evaluation
Regular monitoring
Key milestones
Measuring what we know
Measuring what we don't know

Provide communications and advocacy leadership and support for country programmes and specific projects, as appropriate
Build the capacity of country programmes to engage in activities and provide resources to support the organisation’s strategic objectives
Position issues critical to Malaria Consortium to key influencers and networks
Communicate and disseminate organisational learning and successes to external audiences
Facilitate and strengthen donor relations
These are the building blocks
These the buildings blocks of a long term online strategy for Malaria Consortium which would strive to embed online activity as a core part of communications practice across the MC globally

Any questions?

Build on Malaria Consortium website & Guardian Professional Development network zone
Online platforms are the primary channels for sharing
Building blocks for future strategy
Communicate new learning and successes for continuous programme improvement
Invest in institutional strengthening to ensure financial sustainability and maintain

Emphasis on research, implementation and policy development
Focus on innovative practice
Health is a priority in development discourse
Malaria Consortium website
Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network partner Zone
Online communities
Social media
MC website
Eldis Communities and other learning networks
Social media
Detailed workplan
Key performance indicators
Three examples of 'interesting' multimedia content
1. Storify
2. Info-gram
3. Vine
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