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Technology of the 1960's

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Saul Partida

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Technology of the 1960's

The Telephone
Imagine if every phone in your house was switched from the regular buttons they already have to a rotary dial, even your cell phone or smartphone. how annoying will that be? But thanks to the 1960s, this isnt the case today. two major changes were made to the phone to make it easier to call and overall more convenient.
computers, color tvs and Robots
Video, bib. and more!
Technology of the 1960's
The calculator
the first entirely electronic calculators were introduced in the U.S around 1963. these calculators were meant for a desktop and usually weighed around 30 to 50 pounds they took over during 1964
and '65 until 1967, when the company Texas instruments came out with a prototype for the first hand held calculator in march, named "cal-tech". Canon, a bigger company of the time located in Japan, used their model to create the "Pocketronic", a device similar to the "cal-tech" but more available to the public. the hand held calculators were a major success in the '70s and quickly became less expensive and more common than the desktop calculators.
Welcome to the 1960s technology! ,where new inventions were made, and many improvements were made to the inventions that were already made during the time. although we don't see many 1960s things today, the 1960s paved the way for other inventions to be made, changing how we use technology today.
From Rotary to buttons
Before 1963, regular house phones used a rotary dial, which as very slow and annoying,especially if you dialed in a wrong number but in November 18th, 1963,Bell Industries introduced the first push button, or "Touch Tone" phone, to people in Greensburg and Carnegie, Pennsilvaynia.the new buttons made it more easier to dial than the rotary phones. the touch tone telephone grew popularity quickly, and is now a standard all around the world for telephones.
standard rotary dial phone
New Button dial phone 1963
Thinking Cordless!
in 1965, a jazz player named Teri Pall invented the cordless phone, but because she wasn't able to market the model, she sold it to a man named George Sweigert, who was able to modify it and eventually patent it in 1969. he became known as the "father of the cordless phone" after the first cordless phones were introduced in 1970. only in the 80s was when the cordless phone became popular and more known companies started making their phones in a cordless model.
Texas instruments' cal-tech prototype-1967
Canon's pocketronic-1969-'70
Color televisions
even though color televisions were already invented long before the '60s, there wasn't a lot of channels were color was available, especially since there was only three channels on the TV at the time, ABC, CBS,and NBC. also, color tv's were expensive and was only available for the wealthy. it wasn't until 1965 when a announcement was made stating that over half of the shows that is in these three channels will be shown in color starting in the falls of that year. not only that, but new, less expensive color tv's came into use in the '60s, which caused many people to switch from their old black and white tv's to new color versions so they can watch their shows in a new look.
NBC starts promoting their new presentations in R.C.A color
Zenith was one of the major promoters of their new color television sets during the 1960s
Decade of supercomputers
the 1960s came with many of the worlds first supercomputers designed to run in fast speeds. one man, Seymour cray, was known as the father of supercomputing for inventing the CDC 6600 in 1964, which was capable of preforming up to 3 million instructions a second, and was known as the fastest computer in the world until the speed was broken by its successor, The CDC 7600, which was created in 1968. NASA also made its own share of supercomputers, which contributed greatly on the Apollo mission to the Moon in 1969.
Seymour's CDC 6600
Dynamic RAM was Invented
not this Ram
In 1968, Robert Dennard invented the use of Dynamic RAM, or Dynamic Random Access Memory into computers. RAM is basically memory on a computer that is used to run programs at any given time, or randomly. this type of memory is different from ROM,or read only memory, which is used to store programs and other data. DRAM will become a standard for all computers during the time, and is today a standard for all your computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
concept design of DRAM which was patented in 1968
making things smaller
As the 1960s brought in gigantic supercomputers which runs at top speeds,people also tried to put a lot of power and speed in a smaller, more compact space. in 1965, the Digital Equipment Corp. introduced the PDP-8, known as the first commercially successful minicomputer. the computer's power,small size and reasonable price of 18,000$ made it a computer seen in thousands of businesses, labs, and factories.
PDP-8 Minicomputer
The 1960s was the first decade in which robots were coming into use for factory work. in 1961, a robot arm known as Unimate became the first robot to come into use industrially. the robot arm weighed 4,000 pounds was used in General Motors to sequence stack hot pieces of die cast metal. later on in 1969, Victor Scheinman made the first successful, entirely electronic robotic arm that was power by a computer. he named it the Stanford arm and in 1974 had the ability to completely form together a ford model T water pump using optical and contact sensors.
The Unimate Robotic arm-1961
The Stanford Arm-1969
More Important and unimportant technology the 1960s brought to us depending on who you ask.
May 16th 1960
The Laser
the first functioning laser was fired by Theodore H. Maiman.

today Lasers are used all the time in hospitals and scientific labs.
Theodore H. Maiman
hes my man!
February, 1962
The First computer video game, named Spacewar was created by Steve Russell
March 11, 1963
Easy-bake oven
This Toy Favorite was released by Kenner
in 1963. it is currently made by Hasbro
1962- The audio cassette
the cassette was invented by a company named Phillips in '62 and wasn't introduced until august 30th 1963 in Europe. it served as a easy way to store audio and is still used today.
July 27th, 1961
The Typewriter

The First Typewriter was developed by IBM
and made writing papers faster and more organized. the invention also helped save paper. the typewriter has the same pattern of keys that is in a keyboard today.
IBM Selectric typewriter-1961
Jan. 9th 1968
The Computer mouse

The mouse was invented by Douglas Englebart and was used on computers. it was named the mouse because the cable that connected to the computer came out the end of the device
Technology companies that were founded in the 1960s that are still here today
Intel-founded in 1968
AMD(advanced micro devices)-founded in 1969
Nokia-founded in 1965
Bose - founded in 1964
And not in the '60s but so close...

LG-founded in 1958
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Making telephones easier to use since 1963
Making calculators mathematically Awesome since 1967
Having Robots do our work since 1961
Seems legit
Now for our Featured
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