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No description

Connor Gaffke

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Discrimination

People with disabilities treated unfair
How has society viewed people with disabilities, and treated them like less of a human being?
Our Question:
through out time, people with disabilities have been judged because people don't think of them as normal human beings
Background Information
People who have disabilities and are emotionally unstable tend to have a harder time
Our society is judgemental, and chances of fitting in, finding a job, and making friends are harder than other people
People with disabilities aren't given a fair chance in life because society views them as a social outcast and are frequently judged.
In May, 2011, 47% said people’s attitudes towards disabled have got worse over the past year
66% of disabled people say that they have experienced aggression, hostility or name calling

Society has viewed people with disabilities in the past as people who can't do things for themselves.
Steve Hamilton is living with cerebral palsy and said it is hard, crucial and is always being judged. He is often criticized about his condition
Job Discrimination
In the past years, people have changed the terminology used to describe the disabled
EX: idiot and moron was replaced with mentally retarded and disabled
real life connection
how would you feel if you where denied a job solely because you looked different, or acted different, does that seem fair? people with disabilities have a very hard time trying to get a jobs people look at them as different when they really aren't and they are perfectly capable of doing the same job. special laws and groups have been made to stop job discrimination like...
the rehabilitation act in 1973
Americans with Disabilities Act
Different types of disabilities

Brain Injuries
Physical Disabilities
Learning Disabilities
Medical Disabilities
Speech Disabilities
Language Disabilities
"Job Discrimination Against the Disabled: Not Just an Academic Issue." Knowledge Wharton. N.p., 18 June 2013.
"Disability Discrimination." Eeoc, n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2014.
Hamilton, Steve. "Society Views People with Disabilities as Disposable." The Spec. N.p., 21 Aug. 2013.
"Attitudes towards Disabled People Are Getting Worse." Scope. N.p., 8 Sept. 2011.

when a person is disabled a lot goes into there education and making sure the can get around . for example if your in a wheel chair a bus might need a lift to pick you up and a ramp to put you down. also laws like the "no child left behind act" make sure every one gets equal education not based skin color ethnicity gender or anuthing of the sort.
emotional abuse
when you see some one with a disability you look at them as different, perhaps eben weird, but think about this for a second their people too they have feelings too. some times there laughed at excluded treated as if they cant do anything for them selves.
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