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The Human Body

3rd Grade Science

Tory Sanders

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of The Human Body

Skeletal System
The skeleton is the system of bones that support the human body
The skeleton provides protection for the soft parts of our body.
Muscular System
Muscles- tissues that cause motion in the body when contracted
Provides Movement- makes the bones move
Muscles help you jump and run
Joints- place where two bones are joined or united to allow motion
The human body has about 200 bones.
Femur- longest, largest, and strongest bone in the human body; located in the upper leg
Ball and Socket Joint- allows twisting and turning; example: hip and shoulder joints
Hinge joint- joint that allows movement in a certain spot, like the opening and closing of a door (back and forth); example: elbow, knee, ankle
gliding joint- joint that allows flat bones to slide over each other; example: foot, wrist
tendon- tissue that connects muscles with bones
Your skin contains nerve endings. These help with your sense of touch.
gravity- the force of Earth pulling on an object downward toward Earth's center
Scientific Concepts
model- small scale representation of something
force- A push or a pull on an object
The Human Body
nerves- bundles of fibers that carry impulses from the brain to other parts of the body
ligament- tissue that connects bones, hold organs in place
Your skin provides protection for the inside of your body from things in the environment.
The skin keeps most of the germs you touch from entering the body.
Helps keep us standing straight and tall
The skull protects the brain.
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