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Mary Sutton and Olivia Pliska

No description

lib hist

on 3 September 2018

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Transcript of Mary Sutton and Olivia Pliska

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Mary Sutton & Olivia Pliska
When the medics meet
It was October 23rd, 2017. Gary Rose had just been awarded the medal of honor by president Donald Trump. Once the ceremony has come to an end, Gary starts to move his way into the crowd to socialize with his fellow soldiers.
Gary Rose Sacrifice
Gary M. Rose showed extreme sacrifice while serving in the army. He put others lives before his own in the Vietnam war. Rose even used his own body to guard other injured soldiers. And even though he had his own injures he neglected them to help others, which exceeded the expectations.
script 5
The camera focuses on Gary Rose and Gary Beikirch shaking hands and zooms out to see both of them
Gary Beikirch Selfless
Gary Beikirch was extremely brave and selfless that day he went onto the battle field. Beikirch was shot near the spine causing it to move out of place, but that did not stop him from aiding the soldiers around him. Even though he could not move his legs he was carried from man to man healing their wounds until he was rushed out by a helicopter. Beikirch went above and beyond his expectations as a soldier.
Similarities and Differences
Here are
some extra assets :
The camera shifts to a several helicopters landing near the base where Rose and the injured soldiers were.
was enlisted in the Vietnam war
born in 1947
both were medics
both were in the the army
both still alive
both started the army in 1967
both are named Gary
Rose served for 20 years and Beikirch served for 4 years
Rose was born in Alabama and Beikirch was born in New York
Rose was awarded his medal in 2017 and Beikirch was awarded his medal in 1973
Period: 1
The scene started with the camera zooming in on Gary Rose waving on a podium with a thunderous applause coming from the audience.
The camera moves to another soldier maneuvering his way towards Gary Rose.
Gary Rose walks up to the man and greets him with a firm hand shake, he notices that he as well was awarded the medal of honor, as it was too dangling around his neck.
Gary Rose: Thank you, I noticed that you have a medal as well, what war did you fight in?
Gary Beikirch: Congratulations , nice to meet you i'm Gary Beikirch.
Gary Beikirch: Vietnam War, from 1967 to 1971
Gary Rose: Me too, from 1967 to 1987
The scene fades into a foggy battlefield, with shouting men, and ear piercing bombs and gun shots.
camera is in birds eye view
Young Rose is seen sprinting across the battle field in open fire to rescue a fallen soldier.
Rose: Don't worry we"ll get you to the base
injured soldier: ( struggling to say thank you)
Rose wrapped the soldiers injured leg and tossed him over his shoulder to get him back to the base.
One after another Rose is rescuing injured men and getting them to aid.
Rose carries a injured soldier onto one of the four helicopters. he then takes a seat in the helicopter next to another injured man
other man: taps rose on the soldier and points to his throat
rose notices the other solder is bleeding terribly in the neck
Rose: don"t talk, I am just going to use this cloth to wrap around your neck

*gun fires outside of the helicopter and the scene goes back to Beikirch and Rose at the ceremony
The other soldiers slung Biekirch over his back and raced him out to battle field to heal the fallen soldiers.
Beikirch is seen from birds eye view being set down near a injured soldier and starts to bandage his ankle.
Beikrich: Stay calm, I am sending another medic out to carry you back.
soldier: Thank you sir, I appreciate it
Beikrich: No problem, I am just here to protect others.
Rose: Thank you for fighting for me
Beikirch: Your welcome, and thank you for fighting for me.
A black screen appears that reads " When the medics meet" November 2018
script 4
script 3
The camera focuses on Beikirch reaching up and touching his medal of honor around his neck. And the scene immediately changes to Beikirch on the battle field
Beikirch fires his gun at the vietnamese soldiers trying to take over his base.Before he and 12 other soldiers could fight them all ,Gary is shot in the spine.
Laying on the ground Beikirch says to two other medics " Carry me out to the field. I can't let my injury stop me from helping others."
The other medics pick Gary up again and race him over to other soldiers, Beikirch continues to tend to other soldiers.
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