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The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe

No description

Riya Patel

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe

The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe
Background Information
Written and Published by Edgar Allen Poe in 1845
Inspired by Charles Dickens' poem, which features a talking raven.
Many allusions to different mythologies and folklore
Poe said that he was very controlled and calculated when writing this poem, with no mistakes.
May also be inspired by the death of Poe's mother and his ill-ridden wife Victoria.
The narrator experiences an encounter with a raven.
NOTE: The beginning of the poem is told in the past tense, until the very end.


Death and The Underworld
The Significance of Death
Many people including his love Lenore have died
Driving him insane
"Night's Plutonian Shore"

The Raven
Information on the Raven
May symbolize different things.
The Devil, the narrator's insanity, etc.
Raven and the bust of Pallas.
"The Tempter" has sent the Raven to the room of the narrator
Figurative Language and Structure
The personification of the Raven
The Rhyme of the Poem - ABCBBB
Repetition of words and "Nevermore"
Long structure = Slow Unraveling
Shifts in The Raven
Shifts from depressed to crazy to insane.
Depressed = The loss of Lenore, Hopes for a better life have flown
Crazy = naturally curious, and wondering about the Raven
Insane = mix of depression and craziness

Closing Activity
See handout for the Closing Activity
Open Ended Questions
Do you think that this poem is supposed to be funny? Do you find the speaker's tale is intense and dramatic or ridiculous and over-the-top?
On that note, do you think that the speaker of this poem has really lost his mind, or does he just seem very,very sad?
Do you trust the speaker? (Does he accurately portray reality?)
Summary of the Poem
Any Questions?
Made by: Riya Patel and Aixa Cruz
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