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Hilda Taba Teaching Strategies

Kathy Mast Sara Johnson Lynda Sutton

Lynda Sutton

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Hilda Taba Teaching Strategies

Hilda Taba Teaching Strategies
Kathy Mast, Sara Johnson, and Lynda Sutton Principles of Hilda Taba Questions
1. Questions are focused.
2. Questions are open ended.
3. Questions require the use of information.
4. Proof or reasoning questions are asked.
5. Wait-time is allowed.
6. Discussion is appropriately paced.
7. Individual student responses are not repeated by the teacher.
8. A variety of ideas and student interaction are sought.
9. Clarification and extension questions are asked as needed.
Content modifications are abstractness, complexity, organization, economy and methods of inquiry.
Process modifications are higher levels of thinking, open-endedness, use of discovery, group interactions, and pacing.
Product modifications are tied to transformation.
Learning Environment modifications: student centered, independence, openness, accepting. Gifted students can be challenged in multiple
ways using Taba's inductive approach. The
strategies include:
Varying level of complexity
Providing open-ended activities
Allowing students to pace themselves
Letting the students become "experts" Who is Hilda Taba? Curriculum theorist Curriculum reformer *Believes students make generalizations only after information is organized* References:

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Inductive Thinking Skills 3 Stages:
Concept Formation
Interpretation of Data
Application of Principles Teacher Born in
Estonia 1. What kind of thinking skills did Hilda Taba base her model on?

2.Name the three stages of Inductive thinking in Hilda Taba's model.

3. How many phases does each stage have?

4. Which stage involves making predictions?

5. Which stage involves exploring relationships through cause and effect?

6. Which stage listing, grouping, and labeling?

7. Do you think you could use this model with gifted children and how?
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