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No description

Julia Davis

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Insurgent

By: Veronica Roth Insurgent CHARACTERS Climax In the benginning of the story, Tris, Caleb, and Tobias escape the chaos of the attack on Abgnegation, and end up in the Amity Compound, where they make a deal with the Amity that as long as there is peace throughout the compound that they can stay and have a place to sleep, and they will nurse them until they get strong enough to move on. When finally, Erudite finds that they are staying there, they attack, trying to locate the Divergent. Tris, being Divergent, finds Amity dangerous and they leave. While on their way, they come across a factionless house, and Tobias meets his long-lost mother Evelyn, who was said to have died years before. Beginning When Evelyn wants their help with a project against Erudite, they know that it is time to leave, and they go to Candor. Upon their arrival, the guards of Candor received orders to arrest them when they arrive, and they have to be injected with a truth serum, that will make you to admit the truth when they ask you a specific question. Tris, being Divergent and able to resist the stimulation, can lie under the truth serum. When everyone is angry with her for purposely revealing something, she tries to do everything alone. Erudite attacks Candor, putting everyone but the Divergent under a stimulation, tries to locate the Divergent. Since Tris is awake, she stabs Eric, her old mentor who is there, and finally Tobias comes for backup. Rising Action Leaving Candor again, the group escapes to whats left of Dauntless, Erudite locates everyone, and every 2 days, a simulation is set up by Jeanine Matthews, the leader of Erudite, to where 2 Dauntless jumps off the building and dies, unless the Divergent come forward and go to Erudite. Tris, trying to save everyone despite Tobias' pleas, leaves for Erudite. When she arrives, she sees Caleb helping and claims him to be a traitor, because he was helping Erudite on how to attract Tris and other Divergent. Jeanine does tests on Tris to test stimulations, until her execution. Tobias turns himself in, and Tris is about to be killed when she and Tobias are rescued by Peter. Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Caleb Prior
Tobias "Four" Eaton
Marcus Eaton
Jeanine Matthews Setting Amity Compound
Erudite Compound
Factionless safehouse Falling Action Escaping Erudite, Tris, Tobias, and Peter tell others of their plans, and the others plan an attack on Erudite, in order to get the stimulation plans. When Marcus, tells Tris of why the Erudite attacks Abnegation in the first place, Tris chooses to go with Marcus, lying to everyone else and knowing it will ruin her relationship with Tobias. They leave while the others do for 2 attacks, and Tris locates Jeanine and goes through a tough stimulation to get there. When she does, Jeanine was already almost dead by Dauntless. Tris is very upset because now no one can get the stimulation data from the computer. The group finally gets the data when Caleb unlocks the computer. Ending Locating a video in the computer, the leaders find out why the attack first occured, and everything that goes with that. The lady speaking in the video says her name is Edith Prior, which was Tris' mothers name, but she died defending her faction in the first attack on Abnegation.
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