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No description

Ally Walls

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of RPIE

the RECIPE for fighting homelessness in Athens host. nourish. sustain. RESEARCH PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION EVALUATION 454 zero until now... Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens five Provide and facilitate temporary housing Provide time and resources Achieve long-term independence Seven-layer research plan
A pre- and post-campaign Internet survey
A pre- and post-campaign hyper-local content analysis
A focus group with current advertising students
In-depth interviews with current IHN host and support churches
In-depth interviews with student organization leaders
A post-campaign social media content analysis
An event questionnaire

Goal: Generate awareness about homelessness in the Athens community among University of Georgia students. Goal: To revitalize the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens' public relations by improving current media relations and organization literature. Literature Promotional events Social media Raise awareness
Utilize local resources
Increase visibility Tate Wake-Up Call Southern Hospitality Blue Card Event Brumby Beach Bash The Red and Black
Athens Banner-Herald
Local blogs
University-related Web sites Content Analysis: 182 articles 221 status updates Venues:
Viral video
Social media
Direct contact 23 60 16 31,000 Circulation = 8,895 Readership = 887 views
80,000 Listenership = 221 status updates IHN Public Relations Suggestions:
Social media how-to guides
Web site suggestions
Blog posts
Press kit
Event memos
130,921 Team Leader:
Elizabeth Nephew

Samantha Badcock
Katy Capers
Molly Davis
Amanda Dobbs
Mary Featherstone
Elizabeth Fries
Kelli Hammock
Lauren Kelley
Victoria Lee
Meredith McBee
Heather McGowan
Laura Lyn McLeod
Allen Orr
Kaki Read
Meredith Schneider
Emily Shuffield
Ally Walls
Ashley Webb

media outlets classrooms student
organinzations Two
concerts 2
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