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Women's role in WW1

No description

ally blair

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Women's role in WW1

Women's Role in WW1 WW1 was the first war in which women served in the armed forces. However, they only occupied non-combat positions. Meanwhile in WWI women either made shells or built planes, all others were either military nurses and radio workers. Of course back at the forefront, most women were forced to take up responsibilities in factories, construction, and other major industries because of the amount of men pulled away to war duty. Basically, the balance of our economy rested on the shoulders of our women. "Women were seen as quick learners and that in some departments they are more efficient than men, although those departments have been employing men exclusively for years." -Factory manager Women were also an important model figure in recruitment posters coaxing men to join army and navy perhaps air force as well, they also helped in people buying bonds to help the army. let's just say women have played a vital part in winning the war
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