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Athena wisdom goddess By:Katelyn Phan

No description

Jaci Howard

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Athena wisdom goddess By:Katelyn Phan

Athena Responsibilities How Athena Was Born Athena's Fight For Athens Goddess of war and wisdom Athena's Inventions Protected the greek city Athens because she favor the city. She is the guardian of arts and crafts. Zeus's wife, Metis was able to make very powerful children that will soon over throw Zeus. Zeus didn't take this very well. He tricked Metis to turn herself in to a fly but, Metis was already pregnant before Zeus swallowed her. Metis made an armor for Athena so, all of this gave Zeus a headache. Zeus told his son Hephaestus to cut open his head open with an ax to see what was going on. Then Athena popped out of Zeus's head. Athena and Poseidon both wanted to be the city Athens deity. Athena thought about her present and Poseidon didn't he chose to show off his power. He forced his trident in the ground creating a spring water. Although people were not very impressed. Athena decided to give the city an olive tree. The tree was the sign of peace,food,oil,and food. The city loved the gift and declared Athena the deity. They also, named the city after her. All about Athena Symbols
Tree: Olive
Bird: owl
Zeus and Metis
Consort (married to): no one This is the chariot She invented the Bridel This is the flute Athena invented the trumpet
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