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Case Study - Tamarack Industries.

A presentation about employee conflict in Tamarack Industries. You can see my recent works here http://www.ibrahim aziz.biz in any chances you're interested with my services, thank you !.

Ibrahim Aziz

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Case Study - Tamarack Industries.

TAMARACK INDUSTRIES ARIFA FIQRIA GARY PUTRA RIZALDI WILSON LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, CASE STUDY 11.1 START Tamarack Industries manufactures motorboats that are primarily used for waterskiing.
During summer months, 3rd production line is created to meet heavy summer demand.
Assigned experienced workers to all three lines and also hired college students (summer vacation) to complete the crews. In the past, experienced workers resented to work with college kids and complained that the kids were slow and arrogant.
Dan Jensen, implement a new strategy where the 3rd line only consist of college students, “The Greek Team”.
Mark Allen Supervised the team, and spent many hours in training. By the end of June, production rate up to standard with minimal error rate. Dan Jensen assigned the new crew to produce more to 40 identical units from before that generally consisted 30 units and still can reduced errors. INTRODUCTION GREEK TEAM VS OLDER WORKERS the college students the permanent employee By mid July, rivalry occurs between Greek Team and Older Workers. Greek Team often met its production schedules, goofed around at the end of the day, and go to another line to make demeaning comments. The experienced workers hated it because they had to perform all the shorter production runs and began to revenge with sabotage. The older workers sneak over during breaks, hide tools, dent materials, install something crooked, and do something that would slow the production for the Greek Team. ? THE BEGINNING OF
STRATEGY Have all college students work on the new line. Equalized the production so that all crews had similar production runs. Change the situation and shuffle the job assignments between different crews. Mark Allen did not approve, he suspected the new crew would quit if the team was broken up. 1240002593 1240002523 1240003274 CONFLICT Process in which one party perceives that his or her interest are being opposed or negatively affected by other party. Ultimately based on perceptions, it exists whenever one party believes that another might obstruct his or her efforts, whether or not the other party actually intends to do so. CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT RELATIONSHIP CONFLICT Conflict in which people focus their discussion on the issue while maintain respect for others. Conflict in which people focus on characteristic of other individuals. In the beginning of work, the older workers and the Greek team had a different perspective on how things should be done. The older workers began to despise the Greek team because they are slow and arrogant. SOURCE OF CONFLICT. Incompatible Goals.
Scarce Resources.
Ambiguous Rules.
Poor Communication. CONFLICT
Overt Behaviors. CONFLICT OUTCOMES POSITIVE Better Decisions.
Responsive Organization.
Team Cohesion. NEGATIVE Stress.
Low Morale.
Lower Performance.
Disorted Information. MODEL OF
PROCESS Forcing Avoiding Problem
Solving Yielding Compromising Low High High Assertiveness Cooperativeness Motivation to statisfy one's own interest Motivation to statisfy other party's interest. INTERPERSONAL
STYLES Problem Solving.
Tries to find a mutually beneficial solution to the disagreement (Win-Win solution).
Tries to win the conflict at the other’s expense (Win-Lose solution).
Tries to smooth over or avoid conflict situation altogether.
Giving in completely to the other side’s wishes.
Involves looking for a position in which you make concessions to some extent. DICUSSION
QUESTIONS 1. What are the signs (symptoms) of conflict in this case ?. Older Workers In the past, the older workers “resented” working with college student. Older workers complain that the kids were “slow and arrogant” even it happens in previous year. Sabotage of the other team’s work. The Greek Team Demeaning remarks or comment about older workers. Greek team continue to finish early and “flaunt” their performance in front of other crews. Sabotage of the other team’s work. 2. Use the conflict model to
(a) identify the structural causes of conflict and
(b) discuss the escalation of conflict described in the case. Differentiation Different background (College student vs. experience workers).
Younger and older employees have different needs.
Older workers and Greek team had a different perspective on how things should be done.
Older workers and Greek team had different goal (Fix job vs. fulfill spare time during summer). Ambiguous Rules No clear rules about behavioral norms including respectful behavior.
No clear rules or punishment to execute the wrongdoing of sabotage. Poor Communication Older workers don’t have motivation to communicate to college worker because they still assume the college worker are “slow and arrogant” (Stereotype).
College workers lack the ability to communicate in diplomatic, no confrontational manner. (When one party communicate his disagreement arrogantly, other party likely to respond it as a conflict). Conflict Escalation Basically, the conflict was based on verbal taunts by the Greek team and complaints by the older workers.
This conflict escalated into sabotage of the assembly product. 3. If you were Dan Jensen, what action would you take in this situation ?. Dan strategy to shuffle the job assignments between different crews might work if the level of differentiation is low, but in this case the level of differentiation is quite high. It might result in resignation. Conflict - Handling Style Forcing.
Necessary for the students, because in this case the manager knew that they are not correct..
It’s appropriate for the older workers, because they clearly have more power and it will give them unrealistically high expectation . The best alternative solution is to introduce action that minimize conflict :
Set a behavioral norms that includes respectful behavior (need to avoid verbal abuse).
Dan Jensen need to decisive about the wrongdoing of sabotage.
Introduce reward and punishment to improve the performance or at least to reduce attempts to sabotage. Warning Hesitation in asking question may cause obscurity, pecularity and curiousity. Q & A THANK YOU
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