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Lingerie Sourcing

No description

emily ma

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Lingerie Sourcing

Emily, Vivienne, Kurumi, Sarah-Jane, Ashley Sourcing Plan: Super Sourcers Technical Specs Package Shipping Cost Victoria’s Secret Brand Owner and Manufacturer Sri Lanka Choosing a Country
Brassieres, girdles, corsets, braces, suspenders, garters

6212.10.0000 -Brassières

Tariff = 18% HS Code Total Shipping cost $538

cost + Shipping x TAX
$3,333.50+ $538 x 5%=$4,038.18
Total cost= $4,038.19 /100 piece

- Limited Brands Company.
- based out of Reynoldsburg, Ohio
- operating 1,017 stores in 49 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada
- annually generates around $4,564,000,000 of revenue in their stores
- Victoria’s Secret PINK, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, and Victoria’s Secret
- Victoria’s Secret Direct, their combination of catalogue and VictoriasSecret.com, annual revenue of $1,557,000,000. second biggest manufacturer of bras next to China

Victoria Secret’s biggest manufacturer Apparel and textiles makes up 43% of the country’s exports

per capita GDP is $6,100 China largest exporter of bras

China makes up over 58% of all bra exports to Canada

per capita GDP is only $9,100

China has one of the best infrastructures in the world more than 100,000 garment manufacturers

advanced manufacturing technology technology Choosing a SupplierSri Lanka:1)Sri Lanka Apparel http://www.srilankaapparels.com Tel : +94 11 4542231 , +94 11 4528494Fax : +94 11 2698827Email: info@jaafsl.com2)Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Associationhttp://www.srilanka-apparel.com Tel: +9411 2675050Fax:+9411 2683118Email: sl-apparel@sltnet.lk3) Design Studiohttp://www.designstudiolk.comTel: 9411 4379783Fax: 9411 2699513Email: chamila@designstudiolk.com chamila_ias@yahoo.com3)Hirdaramani Grouphttp://www.hirdaramani.comTel: +9411 4797000Fax: +9411 2446135Email: info@hirdaramani.com4)Sanchia http://www.sanchia.comTel: +0094 038-2290950Fax: +0094 038-2291762Email: sanchia@sanchia.comChina:5)OEM Apparelhttp://www.oemapparel.comTel: +86-75529603245Fax: +86-755296033126)Raphahttp://www.rapha.cc/made-in-chinaTel:877-907-2742Email: usa@rapha.cc8)Asian Pro Sourcehttp://asianprosource.com/Contact on the website9) Riverwood Solutionshttp://www.rwsops.com/host-china.phpTel: 1 (972) 381-4285Email: inquiry@rwsops.com10) City Apparel-Tex Co.http://www.catcobd.com/Contact on webpage - middle class woman, or a man shopping for a middle class woman
- capitalizing on the men shopping for women’s lingerie, the original intent when designing the Victoria’s Secret retail store: make a gentleman feel comfortable while shopping for lingerie gifts
- Victoria’s Secret PINK line attracts younger, college age woman
- bright colors, trendy prints, and younger and smaller attire appeal to a more casual, laid back market
- The product selection inspires young teens and high school age girls to shop at the store
- price range is $30-$100 Victoria Secret's Target Market - supply chain, planning and Designing will be done in house
- keep the design original
- outsourcing rest of supply chain: reduce the cost Supply Chain
- Proponents of "Ethical Business and Manufacturing practices"
-Number 1 supplier of world renowned intimate apparel in the world
-In 2013, export of apparel products for the month of January was 321million dollars.(US) they manufacture for Nike, GAP, Victoria's Secret, Marks and Spencer Sri Lanka Apparel Profile: Non-Knit garments Cost of each Bra will be $40.38 $28.25 x 100 piece x .18&% = $3,333.5 Research Sources China National Garment Association World Fact Book Industry Canada Joint Apparel Association Forum
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