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extreme weather

No description

Michael Brookover

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of extreme weather


Sometimes it costs an average of about one billion dollars a year. It costs so much because of all the houses getting destroyed.
Sometimes floods cost over one million dollars. It costed 1.2 million dollars in Hawaii on Feb 12, 1987.

How much money does it cost a year?

In Tornado Alley, one year, it took away almost 150 lives. In a year it is only 76 lives in the United States.

In 1987 in Hawaii it almost took 2,000 lives. Luckily it was only part of the country. So with lots of help by 1989 Hawaii was back to normal.

How many lives does it take away?
How much damage does it cause?

The damage depends on how severe the storm is. F1 moderate damage, F2 considerable damage, F3 severe damage, F4 devastating damage, F5 incredible damage.

It can cause houses to fall, sweep cars away and much much more. It can take cars away super fast. The cars can be swept away at about 49 mph. They can also take down a bridge and maybe even a street.

Tornados can last minutes, hours, and even up to a day. It depends on how big the cloud is and how strong the winds are.

Floods can last for over three days. It’s three days because it takes a long time for the water to
go away.

How long do they last?

You need to be in a very low and sturdy place like a basement or a room with no windows. Bathrooms without windows are a good place to stay safe. If you live in a mobile home go to low and secure ground. If you are in a car try to get under a highway bridge.

You need to escape to high ground in a flood. It has to be a super super strong building.

What do you need to be prepared?

The most common places are in Tornado Alley. These states have a lot tornadoes. Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Illinois are in Tornado Alley

One of the most common places to have a flood is Hawaii. That’s because there is lots of water. They can have a lot of rainfall.

Where is the most common place to have this storm?

It needs to be a very windy and dry day. It can turn a sunny day into an very dark day. It gets so dark half the time you can’t see out any windows. It mostly happens in spring and summer.

It can happen when there is so much rain.The biggest flood happened in 1987 in Hawaii. It also starts when all the snow melts.

When can it happen?

They can get up to one mile in length and as long as the cloud is very high and powerful. It can get so big that it can carry a car five miles.

Floods get up to 27 feet deep. Floods get super tall. They can get super tall. If a flood is strong enough it can knock down a sturdy brick building.

How big do the get?

The cumulonimbos cloud is normaly the cloud that forms a tornado. People say its this cloud because it is a rain cloud. Other people say it does not make sense. They say that this storm is a wind storm not a water storm.

Cumuls clouds, Cumulonibus and Nimbostratus clouds. Those are the rain clouds. Almost all of the floods are made from overflowing lakes, rivers, and oceans.

What cloud forms this storm?
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