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Alantic Martime

No description

Taranjot Singh

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Alantic Martime

The population of Alantic martime is 2,510,000 . The population increases slowly every year. Whale-watching, fishing, lobster fishing, lumbering, Historical site, Small village,Navigational aid, Small farm, Small farm. All of these activites support the amount of population that lives in the area. Also the population is all spread out from
Nova scotia and new Brunswick. Since alantic martime is mixed with 3 other places
the population does not crowd one area.
Alantic martime comes in with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. All of these areas are included in the Alantic martime ecozone. The surroundings are near water allowing many human activities to occur. The location of Alantic martime is also covered by clear and some what flat ground. Most surroundings are with bodies of water
used for either daily activites. This location is unique
because it helps out others and provides a easier
life for them. Also there is a warm climate in
summers and not to cold winters which also
helps out the location of this area
Atlantic martime. Atlantic martime is one of
the bigger ecozones out there. It has great sites
and great climate. alantic martime is one of the
ecozones that stand out because of the climate
vegatation and popultion. Atlantic martime has
many wonderful things to explore and it
is part of canada!
Atlantic Martime
Geography EcoZone Project
-Fishing is one of the jobs that is most taken advantage of
-In spare time whale watching occurs
-The provincial flower is the Mayflower
-Bay of fundys has one of the largest tides in the world
-Nova scotia was all discovered by the
-Potatoes are the world popular potatoes. PEI


The cliamate of alantic martime is fairly nice. In the winter
it comes up to about -5 and in the summer it increase up to
14. Most of the time it stays around 10*. during spring the
weather goes up to 900mm for rain. the summer stays warm for most of the time but near the end it gets too -2.
This ecozone gets a huge impact by the alantic ocean.
the ocean changes the cliamte during the summer at times
aswell. Although the weather in this area is great but some
times it turns around.

the vegetation of Atlantic maritime
is ranked in third place with a vegetation
of 76%. Atlantic maritime has lots of tree covering the surface. over 50% of the land is covered with trees and plants. the The wildlife in Atlantic maritime is very high. There are moose, beaver, birds, fox, horse, woodchucks, skunk coyote etc. All the animals here
in atlantic martime have positive affects on the enviorment.
Issues the Atlanatic maritime faces is dirty polluted air. Also atlantic maritime has to deal with changing most natural landforms and landscapes. Cutting down trees for more is space is one of the bigger issues they deal with. But another major problem is birds and fish are dying due to oil spills in oceans.
Oil spills make it harder for ships to travel around and it makes it difficult for animals
to survive. If the ocean gets oil spills it also has impacts on the fish!
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