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Nike is not very dandy in it's ways of treating people.

Tristan Claude

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of NIKE

Nike Shoes This is a nike shoe factory showing how many hundreds of people work there. many people work in sweat shops to make nike products and are payed terrible wages, giving long hours to work and are not giving the best working conditions. This is a picture of the reuse a shoe program that nike is doing to make basketball courts, tennis courts and running tracks out of recycled shoes. This is a rubber tree producing
rubber for nike shoes. rubber trees are found in brazil and nike uses both synthetic and natural rubber for the production of there shoes. Extraction
Production Distribution This is a Nike distribution factory. Disposal Sustainability equitability We gave nike's production a F because they use
sweatshops and pay there worker's very poorly along with long days up to 16 hours.
We gave nike's distribution a C because
they have to import lots of their products
from developing countries and importing uses lots of fuel.Products will ether be shiped or flown from the developig countries.
Nike is not very equitable with their sweatshop workers so we gave them an F on that part, but they're somewhat equitable with there products so we gave them a C+. Disposal B+ We gave disposal a B+ because it is a great way to recycle shoes but the down side is that not very many people know about it and its not very accesable for all people to use this program. B We gave the final rating for sustainability a B because of the reuse a shoe program. We gave extraction a C because it dosen't help or try to help the environment exept for there reuse a shoe program that has not really caught on with many smaller towns yet. Consumption We gave consumption a B+ because they have good products that last a long time. Because of the quality and durability that nike's shoes can offer consumers and then after the life spand of the shoe They can be recycled and turned into tennis courts, basketball courts and running tracks.
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