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No description

Nikola Milosevic

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Brandcheck

Yes! We can help you! Monitors your brand on internet (social media included)

Analyzes emotions of mentions, location, gender and age of people who mentioned your brand

Recommends actions for better emotional branding

Compares your brand people with competitor's brand How does it work? Technological mambo jumbo Check customer's opinion on your brand! What is the problem? How it looks like? Customer segments and validations Companies and individuals who participated in our survey were interested.

Incomplete set of features without actionable items
Over diversity:
Reasonable pricing that scales with your company size
Improvement recommendation for emotional branding
History and event tracking for more in depth analysis Channels and strategy Discussion widget with emotions

Emotional widget for community aggregated content on your site

Info graphic extraction about global big global movement
Coca cola reveled secret formula
Justin Bieber quits music industry
Election results

Cost and revenue On going monthly costs:
Operating cost (rent, servers, services...) -- $1000/month
Team cost (designer,2x developer, biz dev, support) -- $6000/month
Blog team -- 2000$/month

Time estimation and cost:
Market reach in 6 months
Cost to reach the market ~ $40k

Revenue sources:
Premium features
Ranging from $10 to $500 per month based on the number of keywords and number of events tracking
Sponsored/Branded reports ranging from $1000 to $5000 per report
TEAM Mališa Pušonja
Machine Learning expert Nikola Milošević
NLP Expert Dejan Cancarević
Bizness development wiz Senka Zubić
UX specialist and designer
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