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Cult of Domesticity

4 Traits of the Cult of Domesticity

Mark Nichols

on 12 November 2010

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Transcript of Cult of Domesticity

Cult of Domesticity Started in 1820 and went to about 1860 Piety Purity Submissiveness Domesticity Men looked for piety in potential wives, because piety "belonged" to women Purity was just as important as Piety Without Purity, women were shunned by the other women. Practically banished from the female gender. The Lucy Story Submissiveness was the most feminine virtue expected of women God appointed the man over the women, which was the most common school of thought Women should not think for themselves, but rather be as small children and obey whatever the husband said. In the home, the woman's role was to bring the men back to God, but only in the home. The home, according to Mrs. Sigourney, was the perfect place for women because the monotonous tasks were perfect for practicing patience and perserverance. If a lady despised this, she despised living. 1820 - 1860 Republican Motherhood Women's rights These were rights only women had the privalege of having A poem covering the rights is: The right to love whom others scorn.
The right to comfort and mourn
The right to shed new joy on earth
The right to feel the soul's high worth
Such women's rights, and God will bless
And crown their champions with success. END!! Resources: http://www.pinzler.com/ushistory/cultwo.html
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