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the haired-guy-comes-back shampoo

No description

Lena Eberhardt

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of the haired-guy-comes-back shampoo

the haired-guy-comes-back shampoo
you're old, you're bald, you want your youth back ?
you don't need to read this !!
you need to buy it !!
side effects :
Hair will grow everywhere on your body; splitting headache;
if you let it react too long you will look like a disco dancer Chewbacca; if you drink too much tea your hair will become tea leaves (not recommended for british )
if you're noticing other side effects, please call us ( these effects have been only noticed on elephants, didn't had the time to try it out on humans )
your hair will grow longer, stronger, and brighter !
Try our new shampoo !
developed with the talented paleo-dermatologist Dr.Mammoth
only tested on elephants (if you're a prehistory fan, please contact us, the mammoths are back)
the results are here !
it works !!!
65 £ per centiliter
The fraud corporation © is an unknown company by any country. We decline any responsibilities on the side effect cause by our treatments .
phone number: 526-125-1236 ( for complain we will not answer )
made by some chinese kids paid 0.005 $ per day
radioactive certified
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