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Unit 2 Lesson 4

No description

erika steinger

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2 Lesson 4

Unit 2 Lesson 4
During Reading
popcorn reading


circling unfamiliar vocabulary
After Reading
What words did you circle?

How does the author represent her cultural identity in this essay?

Answer questions 9-11
Stylistic Choices
Get your Springboard book from the bookshelf

Copy down the EQs

Answer the following questions in your notebook:
Writing Prompt
Choose a characteristic of culture (food, language, history, fashion, etc.) and use it to explain your cultural identity. Be sure to:

Use an informal voice to engage your audience
Develop your response with vivid details and descriptions
Use diction and punctuation to create an appropriate tone
Unit EQ:
How do cultural experiences shape, impact, or influence our daily lives?

Lesson EQ:
What is your ethnic identity and how is it present in your daily life?
How can we use an author's stylistic choices to identify voice?
What is your ethnicity? What food, language, fashion, geography, history, etc. is associated with your identity? Make a list.
Annotate either your own or a partner's writing, underlining the stylistic choices
What is the author's voice?
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