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Houston Heroes

PBL Presentation

ChaGarrecob PBL

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Houston Heroes

Houston Heroes career preparation education overview: The Houston Heroes Career Preparation Education is dedicated to helping young minds on the path to sucess to where the STUDENTS get to learn at their own relative pace. Heroes was designed with students in mind.It was designed to help 21st Century students achieve their dreams. Technology Agreement Hi, welcome to... Technology User Agreement

In our school, technology is used to enhance and enrich learning in order for students to gain a better understanding of the learning material. At least one computer lab will remain open for students in the morning, during lunch, and after school for student use. Labs are open an hour before school starts to an hour after. Students use computers to compose presentations, create and embark on web quests, and do research. It is because students have so much technological freedom that an agreement must be reached between students, parents and teachers about how the computers should not be used and what the consequences are if they are misused.


I agree that I will respect the technology, as I understand they are school property. I agree not to intentionally download anything that could be harmful to the computer or that would “get me around the system”. I know that the administration has blocked certain sites for my and others safety and agree not to get around these blocks with proxy servers or by hacking.

USB Drives are permitted and are useful for transferring data from school to home and vice versa. USB Drives offer a lot of freedoms, but also require responsibility. I understand that misusing a USB Drive by transferring harmful programs, by transferring anything that could help me get past “the system”, or by transferring illegal content.

I understand that any misuse in technology will result in my after school, lunch, and morning privileges revoked for a specific amount of time. I would only be allowed to use the lab when my teacher has it. If I further misuse the computers, I understand that I could have my computer privileges revoked for the quarter OR the rest of the year.

By signing below, I have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions and agree to the consequences for misuse listed above.

Student Name____________________

Student Signature___________________ Date___________________

Parent Signature___________________ Date__________________ Mission Statement In our school all kids can work at their own pace and just have to finish all of the objectives for K-12. In 6th grade you take half of the day as career classes to introduce you all different careers. You do the same thing in 7th grade. And in 8th grade you select 3 career areas you want to enter and you take those classes 8-12th Grade and the math and such you would need with that career are also taken and you can change your career choices but you will have to retake that career from the 8th grade level. We envision parents and the community being actively involved in the school. The responsibility of the parents would be to encourage and help the student in his/her chosen areas. The community would benefit by having people well trained in multiple areas. We envision the community encouraging the students to pursue their chosen fields and to excel in the world of today. We are the Houston Heroes and are based out of Houston, Texas. School Model Our school is going to be based around a college type format. The first three years will be taught as they already are with kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Then you will take a test to make sure you learned. You can take the class you would take next year if you want to learn more quickly. When you take the class from the year before you will be asked which parts of it you want to understand better, then each student that chooses that will get their own instruction for the parts they want to relearn and then once they finish they will be caught back up with what is next. Or you could relearn the whole year before.

Then if you choose the year that you are supposed to be learning there will be objectives set for that year that your teacher will teach the class. Each objective will be taught in a week. The first four days you will be instructed on how to do the objective, during class you will also do work in groups to make sure there is group understanding and you can share ideas. Then you will be given homework, which will be corrected the next day. Then you take a test at the end of the week to make sure you have understood.

If you choose the next year ahead you can choose the full year or an acceleration where you learn both your current year and the next year but faster than normal. The acceleration will be taught in half weeks, with two objectives a week taught at the same time. The first half of the year you are taught at your level and then the next half of the year you learn the next year’s objectives. Then if you didn’t choose the acceleration and just the year ahead then it will be taught at the normal speed and just be the objectives for what would be the next year.

Then when you reach your 8th year at this school (what would normally be 7th grade) You begin to get to choose classes more relevant to what you want to do with your life. So, you still take the core classes listed earlier but you have two elective choices. These will range from culinary instruction to engineering and automotive repair and all the way to art and music.

Lastly, during your last two years you choose career training or college preparation. For the college preparation you make sure you have learned all you need to attend the college you want and you can review anything you want a refresher on. For the career training you will get diplomas from our school to show that you are adept in the job you have chosen and are educated enough for the job.

Plus, everyday for an hour the kids will be given time out of classes to eat lunch and collaborate with the peers of their same age. They will be encouraged to help each other with subjects they are having trouble with and THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DO THEIR HOMEWORK FOR THE NEXT THREE CLASSES DURING LUNCH, that way they can get help if they couldn’t get it done the night before. They will also be given 30 minutes before their first three classes for the same reason. Overall the school day will be 7 hours long. Also at the end of each quarter they will get to review how they have done with their parents and teachers. Want to apply? THIS WAY!!! Application Form Hello! If you are receiving this form than you and your child have requested this application form to come join our school and be part of the Houston Heroes. We are a great school and would love to have him or her come join us. Our school is a cutting edge, new, and innovative school that focuses on the knowledge you child needs to pursue his or her chosen career area. There are a couple of things you need to know about us and we need to know about you before we can know if you qualify.

What You Need To Know About US
We are a school focused on letting the kids choose their preferred career areas and teaching them the skills they need to pursue those. So if you haven’t noticed we are very career based. We also give total an hour-and-a-half of time to do homework at school to minimize the amount of at homework.
Time: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: In Houston, Texas built on the prior location of Love Park on the square of N. Shepard Dr., W. 12th st., Herkimer Dr., and W. 13th st.
Breaks: There is one break every 9 weeks that is 2 weeks long except for over summer where the break is 10 weeks long.
*We try our hardest to hire teachers that are good with kids of all ages and are able to relate to kids.

To Qualify For Our School
To qualify for our school you child will have to have an IQ of 90 or higher (You will have to get your own IQ test and send us the results.) And get a 75% or higher on a basic math, science, english, and history test. These testing days are always the first Wednesday of summer break.
Things We Need To Know About You
Your Child’s Name: ______________________________________________________
Your Child’s Age: ________________________________________________________
Your Child’s Birthday (Day/Age/Year): _______________________________________
Any Specific Health Conditions: _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent Phone Number: _____________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Information: ____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________
Parent Signature: _________________________________________________________

*THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO BECOME A HOUSTON HERO!! We have a large selection of classes... Core Classes

This is what the average Core Class list will look like for a student studying at our school for the Eighth Year. However, This sheet will change depending on if your student repeated a subject or accelerated a year. This would cause their sheet to have higher or lower year classes.

1.Math 7
2.Math 7 & 8 accelerated
3.Math 8
4.Math 8 & Year 1 accelerated
5.Year 1

1.Science Year 7
2.Science Year 7 & Health/Geological Sciences accelerated
3.Health & Geological Sciences
4.Health/Geological & Investigative Science accelerated
5.Investigative Science

Language Arts
1.English Year 7
2.English Year 7 & 8 accelerated
3.English Year 8
4.English Year 8 & 9 accelerated
5.English Year 9

Social Studies
1.World History
2.World & American History accelerated
3.American History
4.American History & The 20th Century accelerated
5.The 20th Century

Core Class Descriptions

Math 8: In this class you will learn about geometry and the basics of problem solving and pre-algebra. At the end of the year you will analyze graphs and data.
Prerequisites: A letter grade of C or higher in Math 7

Health and Geological Sciences: In this class you will look at the world from a geological perspective. You will learn how fossils form and how rocks and crystals are made. Then you will learn about the human body and how to keep yourself healthy.
Prerequisites: A letter grade of C or higher in Science Year 7

English Year 8:In this class you will learn about persuasive and creative writing. You will write your own stories and at the end you will discern Bias and Propaganda from fact.
Prerequisites: A letter grade of C or higher in English Year 7

American History: In this class you will learn about our past. You will study the great triumphs and struggles of our forefathers that they went through to make this country great.
Prerequisites: a letter grade of C or higher in World History After choosing your core classes, you get to choose your electives! We have normal electives like... Foreign Languages Such as Spanish Mandarin Chinese German Arabic Latin Greek French Italian Japanese & But we also have: We think it's important for student to know a foreign language... so we offer them a variety to choose from. For those interested in music we offer these classes at the Beginning, Intermediate, and Heroes level: Orchestra Band Chorus For those looking for an elective that will teach them life skills, we have those too... Culinary Arts

Auto Shop

Computers General

Computer Parts

Computer Programming
Prerequisite: Computers General


Photography 1

Photography 2
Prerequisite: Photography 1

Media Arts We also have great classes for those with artistic talent or desires: Fashion Design General Art Drawing 3-D Art And for those who want a career in the performing arts: Stagecraft Performance In order to move on, you need to be assesed on your grasp of the concept. We have our own way of doing that too... After applying, you can take a tour... The assessment of students at our school will be done using the scorecards given to the students at the end each course. These cards detail what the course was and the letter grade the student received. If the student received a D+ or lower then they have to choose between retaking the last year and doing the next year in a compressed course or they can retake the entire year. (See the Course Choices for More Detail) We will also send an email to every student weekly with their progress and current grade in each course they take. Lastly, a database of every students’ grades will be kept electronically at the school. This can be used for statistics and to measure the school’s success. All of these combined are the way we will assess the success of our students and school.

We want to institute a program called Skill Cards. This program uses electronic and paper cards to keep track of your current grades. The goal of this is so that after a certain amount of time you can go and look at all of you skill cards and see how your grades have changed over time. As of the D+ retaking issue I think it is a great idea for the options of compressed courses because then the student doesn’t have to suddenly retake an entire year because he didn’t understand 3 months.

Our school is career based and focuses almost entirely on real world situations so that students aren’t learning useless knowledge that will never be used after schooling. We also hope that by having age groups instead of grades it will defeat segregation of ages. We think our school is an overall great idea. SAMPLE SKILL CARD Name: Date: SKILL CARD ID #: Bob Smith July 3, 2011 12345 Course Grade Pass Math 8 Health and Geological Sciences English Year 8 American History Elective 1 Elective 2 A B C D F C Yes Yes Yes Yes No No We have our own graduation requirements... At the Houston Heroes High School there are some requirements for graduation. These requirements aren’t extremely hard but they will cause you to call upon all of your years of training. The basic graduation requirements that apply are a C average or higher (all classes are averaged together) for all of your school career (at this school). If you do not have a high enough grade to graduate you do not have to retake a year or even all of the classes. You just have to retake and pass the classes you failed in whatever time frame you want. * If you do not graduate you will have to pay for extra tuition. There will also be one major project at the end of your last year for each of your career choices. Some of these projects are listed below.

Exit Projects:
1. Make a narrated slide show of your school experience so far and what you plan to do in the future.
2. Compile a presentation of you work to show off how well you have done.
3. Make a speech about what you plan to do in your career, why you chose it, and what you have learned about it.
Others might vary by teacher but these are the basics. Houston Heroes: Career Preparation Education is dedicated to helping students to reach their full potential in the area the aspire to, because:

"If you do something you love, then you will never work a day in your life" - Confucius Houston Heroes: Career Preparation Education is dedicated to help students reach their potential in their chosen area because:

" If you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life."
-Confucius Houston Heroes School Info School Colors: Red, Yellow, and Black School Mascot: Hero Song: We are the Heroes and we are going to fight/
We respect our colors, red, yellow, and black like the night/ We are always learning and striving for our best/
And know we're going to fly, Fly, FLY!!! Admin. Purpose: To assist students and parents in any way possible Discipline: Warning, Principle, Detention, Suspension, Expulsion Dress Code: No sagging pants, skirts and pants must come to end of fingertips, no sleeveless tops. Schedule 8:00 - Homework Time
8:30 - Period 1
9:30 - Period 2
10:30 - Period 3
11:30 - Homework Time
12:00 - Period 4
1:00 - Period 5
2:00 - Period 6
3:00 - Release You may have noticed the classrooms were not very big. The school was designed this way so that students could get more time with their instructor. The classrooms are 8m * 8m * 4m. Every classroom has a projector with a camera so to show students work sheets on the projector screen. The Second Story of each building has computer labs and a lecture hall. The lecture hall seats 150 and has a raised platform with a podium that has a microphone. We have a central gathering area in the center of the school. The Science building has a fully equiped lab. The Elective building has rooms dedicated to hands on electives. The performance stage has it's own designated seating as well as bathrooms. Our school was designed to best fit students. Classrooms
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