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Country Prezi Project

No description

Janani Thiyagarajan

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Country Prezi Project

19th Century railroad architecture in Europe
Built between 1895 and 1905
Shopping center with more than 300 diamond shops
Glass vault ceiling designed by J. Van Asperen By,
Keesha Ko and Janani Thiyagarajan
Period 2 Brussels The Flag •Black hoist side stripe
Black, gold and red colors (the country's coat of arms)
Black- the shield.
The gold - lion
The red - lion's claws and tongue. Chocolate The number one of death
Due to the fat and cholesterol consumed through the Belgian cuisine
76.5 deaths per 100,000 habitants Antwerp
A French-Belgian cuisine
Stylish bar and restaurant
North Sea Soles (most popular main dish) Antwerp
Founded in 1972
Colorful organic cafe
Focuses on vegetarian and healthy food Largest beach on the Belgium coast
Famous for: sea-side esplanade, pier, and fine-sand beaches
Modern Art on the coast
Popular filming location
Horse racing
Belgium is also a proud owner of a chocolate museum know as "Choco-Story".
It is a source of data full of historical, geographical and botanical information about chocolate.
This museum revolutionized from the Maison de Croon which was originally a wine travine. Lombardia Hippodroom Belgium Number one dessert
Main Brands: Côte d’Or, Milka, LU, Philadelphia, V6, Stimoro.
Made by Hand
Coco Beans: South & Central America, Africa and South-East Asia.
Produce 220,000 tons of chocolate each year
Consume 61 grams every day Capital city of Belgium.
Heart of Europe, capital of European Union
Historical capital
Ex: Grand Place,Parc de Bruxelles, Atomium, Palais de Justice
Brussels: international hub for foreign dignitaries, diplomats and expatriates. Natural resources: coal, construction materials, silica sand, and carbonates Belgium Works Cited http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/belgium/befacts.htm
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/interesting-facts-on-belgium.html In Antwerp, Belgium
Near the Antwerp Airport
Close to Antwerp Expo Must Go To's in Belgium Tapis de Fleurs "Flower Carpet"
Takes place every two years
Covered with nearly 750,000 begonias
Located in Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp
One of the finest gothic structures in Europe
Built in 1357
Interior is broken down in three aisles Canal Boat Tours In Bruges
Getting to places you can't get to by walking
30 people per boat
Duration of 30 minutes
See historical buildings
Meet up at city of Huidenvettersplein Seeing Bruges in a different perspective Brussels Vintage Market Place du Jeu de Balle Flea Market Vintage
Secondhand clothes
First Sunday of each month
Designs of young creators Designed by Ron Arad, a London-based Israeli architect, and Jasper Eyers
Natural daylighting
Rainwater collection in the roof
Designed for waste management for better air quality and energy efficiency
Over 124 shops In the center of Brussels, Belgium
Everyday from 7 a.m. until lunchtime
Perfect for antique-lovers Shopping Spree Tquiero Pilli Pilli Bruges
Belgium delights
Featured item: chicken fillet Abrussel Cuisines: Belgian, French, Vegetarian, International
Featured item: Crab cakes and Ravioli Restaurants Thank You Oostende Beach Choco Story Médiacité in Liège KK.JT Circulatory Disease and Heart Attacks KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT Ramada Plaza Antwerp Hotel KK.JT Antwerp
Cuisines: Coffee
Shop, South American, Tapas (homemade offering)
Beautiful art and paintings especially oil paintings
Featured item: Chili con carne KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT Antwerp Central Station KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT KK.JT Starting our journey with 770.42 EUR KK.JT Expenses
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