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Bahamas Saw Shark!

No description

Haley Holmes

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Bahamas Saw Shark!

Bahamas Saw Shark!
What they eat?

Bahamas saw sharks are found in western central Atlantic Bahamas region between Cuba,Florida and Bahamas. Occurring on or near the bottom of the ocean.
Attacks around the world!
Maximum size for Bahamas saw shark is 3 feet long and with it's long saw like nose it's total length is 5.6 feet. They can live up to 15 years old.
The shark eats a lot of small fish like crustaceans and squids. It eats anything that they can find since they are bottom feeders. They can sense out their prey because their snout can sense out the vibration of their moving prey.
Saw Sharks are very harmless but if someone handles their snout the wrong way they can strike!
The saw is flat and armed with pointed teeth that grow out of each side of the snout. They're approximately 13 to 14 big teeth on either side of the mouth. In his mouth there is tiny teeth.
The End!
Today I am doing my project on a very fascinating shark. I chose this shark because I would like to explore this sharks features. I like this shark because he has a saw like nose!
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