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Electronic Medical Records

No description

fatima seyed

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records
User accessibility
User accessibility, privacy and efficiency of patient care
Electronic Medical Records
Method of storing patient records and health information electronically
Fairly new concepts
Health documents shared amongst various jurisdictions

Advantages of Electronic Records
Easier collection/transmission of data
More ACCESSIBLE, can be at more than one place at a time
advanced PRIVACY
Reduced wait times for patients
Fewer duplicate tests
Advantages of Paper Records
Tight control; only one place at one time
Easy to maintain confidentiality
Less risk of the misuse of information
User accessibility
Improvement in patient care with the transfer of paper records to electronic records
Efficiency of care
Efficiency of care
Let's wrap up...
The benefits of EMR’s have been evident with the increase of patient care standard.
This includes:
shorter wait times
faster diagnosis response
available physician and pharmacist advice
updated medical records more quickly
shared access to medical information by physicians
This allows for a wider scope of knowledge to base care rendered on.
What is Efficiency?
Quick response through internet (email, phone)
EMR's automatic updates, no wait times
More organized storage prevents data loss
More manageable, physician can assess patient thoroughly
This Presentation was brought to you by:
Fatima Seyed
Philippa Beaden
Zachary Houston
Batool Syeda
Gena Mones
What is user accessibility?
Thank-You for watching!!
Central database management (CDM) systems allow for easy access to health information outside of your individual patient care
advice for medication and treatment use
consultation between health professionals
automatic reminders and updates on patient record
Case #2
The attempt to access the health records without authorization was prevented through protective measures , technological entries only, and no longer having paper records stored in a filing room.
What is privacy?
Maintaining confidentiality of patient information
Follow national and provincial privacy law (PHIPA, PEPIDA)
Prevent unauthorized access to health records
New technology allows for improvements
Case #3
While the patient is in the office, the physician is able to perform many different tasks, such as order a prescription, have the pharmasict send an evaluation of medical history, and fax over a signed copy. Also, the patients recent health change of an allergy was updated and shown on the electronic record conveniently.
Summary of points, closing statement:
Overall how is healthcare impacted? How is patient care impacted?
Topic: The improvement of user accessibility, privacy and efficiency of care through the implementation of EMR's and its impact on patient care.

Electronic Medical Record: what is it?
What are the advantages of EMR over paper records?
Main three points: how is patient care improved through implementation of EMR’s?
Efficiency of care
• What is it?
• How is this conducted?
• What are examples of this shown in the healthcare system?
o Video clip scenario
• What is it?
• How is it useful?
• What are examples of this shown in the healthcare system?
o Video clip scenario

User accessibility
• How is it applied to EMR’s?
• What are examples of this shown in the healthcare system?
• What is it?
o Video clip scenario
How is effeciency conducted?
protected access
Portable EHRs
Patient can control their own health information easily
How is it applied to EMR's?
compare scientific data
CIHI and Canadian Health Infoway helped save lives
shared records allows for easy access
How is it useful?
cost efficiency
quick access to files
hardly any wait time
Quick and easy
Case #1
Two doctors from different cities are able to consult with one another on a treatment process
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