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Leslie's Journal

English ISU Presentation

Christopher Louie

on 16 June 2011

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Transcript of Leslie's Journal

Synopsis Leslie is just a normal tenth grader with astonishing good looks. It was the first week, and Leslie went crazy when she found out she had Ms. Graham for English yet again for the second time now. Ms. Graham was a really boring teacher but She liked Ms. Graham because the students do absolutely nothing in that class except for write in their journals. Ms. Graham told the class that these journals would be kept secret and no one would read them. So off Leslie went writing about whatever she wanted, and the reader will be simply reading her journal. Although, like any other teenager who attends high school, there is much drama to be delt with. All the different high school cliques. Some are: are all apart of Leslie's life as well.
BFF? Leslie's BFF is Katie. Katie is someone Leslie could talk to, about anything. But suddenly their friendship starts to break as she becomes closer to another person who steals her heart. This is to referring to 18 year old Jason. The antagonist of the story. The Jocks The Plastics The Nerds Leslie and Jason start to go out, though Leslie later finds out that trusting this person was a very bad idea. Appearance vs. Reality. Jason isn't what Leslie thinks he is. They begin to be sexually active after Jason peer pressures her into doing so. On the first date Leslie finds herself so drunk, that she passes out. She wakes up and realizes Jason had taken advantage of her and taken videos and pictures. She is so in love with Jason, that she forgives him after he sweet talks with her. Weeks pass and the same has happened continuously. Her relationship with Katie falls apart when Katie starts to worry about all the bruise marks Leslie has been getting recently, due to Jason beating her. Kaitie tells Leslie she is being raped, but Leslie says Jason would never do such a thing and that he loves her very much. Both Katie and Leslie's mother fear for Leslie's safety. Though, like all human beings, when they are mad/depressed, all they want to do is escape to people who actually appreciate her. Thus, when she gets angry at Katie and her mother because they are wondering about her love life with jason, she gets mad, and runs to Jason for comfort. She does this because she thinks Jason is the only person that actually cares and loves her. Leslie and Jason's relationship grows stronger. Ever since the first day of school, Leslie has been writing everything that has happened to her in her journal. When her english teacher becomes sick, the temporary supply teacher name Ms. James is frightened when she hears that she must submit marks for mid term reports to be distributed the following week. Since she has nothing to mark, she decides to mark the journals the class has been writing. The teacher informs the principal and Leslie and Jason both get called down. Leslie lies and says the Journal is fake, and she is let go. Furious, Jason finds Leslie, and attacks her brutally, while asking what she said about him and the journal. That moment, she realizes that Jason is a rapist, and Katie was right for assuming so. She breaks up with Jason but Jason threatens her that if they break up, and they stop having sex, he'll post the videos and pictures online and expose Leslie forever. That afternoon, Leslie manages to sneak into Jason's house and burn the memory stick containing the videos and pictures of her. Over the course of the next few days, she tries to lay low, and not tell anyone about what is happening. Though Jason continues to stalk her. Jason tricks Leslie into going to his house yet again, making the excuse that he would kill himself. Scared that he actually might do so, and the guilt would be on her forever, Leslie goes to Jason's house. It was a trap and yet Jason tries to rape Leslie again then kill her. She manages to get away, but knows that she must report everything to the authorities. Holding everything inside is no use. “He can come after me no matter what I do. But each time he’s gotten away with things, he’s gotten worse. This is my only way to fight back.” Charges has been placed, but Leslie does not have any evidence to back it up. Then it occured to Leslie. Her English journal. The journal she's been writing in everyday was her evidence. Jason was charged on all accounts and was sent to jail for two years. Leslie remembers on the first day of school, she thought it was a stupid idea to write a daily journal but she wonders if it was fate, or just destiny. “I’m still not sure what controls events, destiny or choice. All I know is, ever since I stood up for myself, I’ve felt good.” Themes Do not break the trust bond within your family. Whatever the situation or conflict, your family and friends will ALWAYS be there for you. So don't ruin your trust with family and friends just because you want to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend. When the situation comes to chosing one over the other, you should choose your best friend because you know that they will always be there for you. They have been loyal to you ever since to this point, and theres no doubt they will stop in the future. This is relating to Leslie's trust barriers between her and her mother, as well as her and Katie. Trust
Appearance Vs. Reality
Talk to people: it can't do any harm You are not alone. There are people out there that care for you, but you just have to tell people if you need help or are in a conflict. Along the way, Leslie had many people she could go for help. Her mother was very worried about her safety as well as Katie. Her supply teacher Ms. James, was informed, and so was the principle Ms. Baker. Leslie could've gotten help at that moment, but she decided to lie and say it was all fake. There was many indications that Leslie could've talked to authorities, but she chose to ignore it and wait, hoping it was just disappear. The message Stratton is trying to convey here it to tell people. You won't be called a snitch for telling. It couldn't possibly do any harm. Appearance vs. Reality The main symbol of appearance vs reality in the story is the character Jason. The image Jason portrays is very much different than his actual personality. At first, Leslie though Jason was very caring, in giving her lots of gifts. She thought as if he was the only person who loved her. Jason also met Leslie's mother and made a very good impression of a gentlemen, totally different than himself. He is very persuasive when he wants to in making Leslie fall in love with him. Thus, Jason makes a good antagonist Talk to Someone about your problems Comparative Chart Catcher in the Rye Leslie's Journal Macbeth Appearance vs. Reality Jason's portrays a fine young gentlemen towards his elders. He also shows Leslie that he can be trusted. This young man hides his true twisted identity, which Leslie discovers towards the climax of the story Lady Macbeth seems innocent infront of the dinner guests but she can be cruel and nasty. "Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts! unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toe top full Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose."

The apparition of Banquo's ghost at the Dinner table, shows the guests Macbeth's true stability as king. Stradlater is a secret slob. His appearance might look apealing on the outside, but according to Holden, he is a slob because his clean shaven face was only done so by a discusting looking razor.

Holden, shows that everyone is "phony" and that everyone acts differently than who they actually are. Trust: Hard to build, easy to lose Thank you for Listening Leslie's Journal
Written by: Allan Stratton Macbeth's trust with all the thanes and Banquo especially was hard to establish. He only gained their trust when he became king, and it wasn't easy to do so. Ambition lead him to murdering Duncan. Once he became king, everyone followed his commands and trusted him. Though it wasn't long until a resistance formed lead by Malcolm, and marched to Dunsinane Hill to slay Macbeth. Holden is not the easy going type. Especially when he thinks everyone is phony. There are a few that he admires. Sally Hayes has been a long time close friend to Holden. Their trust and friendship has grown ever since they were small. Though, when Holden asks Sally to run away with him, they break into an argument and end up hating each other. Holden was so furious with her, he never spoke to her again. Leslie and Jason had been going out for a while before Leslie thought it had been long enough before they had sex. During this time period, Leslie's trust grew stronger, and she trusted him with her life. During last period everyday, Leslie would sneak out and skip the rest of the period to be with Jason, because Jason claims she won't get in trouble. Leslie high average dropped cause of Jason. Though, when she found out Jason's true personality/identity, she hated him, and wanted him out of her life. These are the basic themes assosiated with the three novels: Macbeth, Catcher in the rye, and Leslie's Journal Characters Macbeth - Ambitious, greed, manipulative, believed in fate/prophecies > Wicked Witches Leslie - Believed in fate, after she wondered if she it was destiny that Ms. Graham made the class write daily journals. Marginalized by her others due to her "rep" Catcher - Holden was also marginalized, coming of age, lost someone he loved, like Macbeth & Lady Macbeth Common Themes
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