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Welcome to Art Class

No description

Brian Ritchie

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Art Class

What is Art?
Introduction to Art class
Supplies you will need for Art Class
Please do your best to have them by next week.
Welcome to Mr. Ritchie's Art Class
Art box or gallon ziplock bag
Plenty of pencils (art pencils preferred)
Paint brush set
Markers (Sharpies are best)
Colored Pencil
Plastic Sculpting tools (3D class only)
consequences for behavior are like quicksand. The more you misbehave the quicker you sink.
Consequences aside from a Quicksand bath:
Detention after school - this may happen often.
Warnings - I don't like to give more than one.
Discipline Referrals - Please don't get yourself to this point.
About Me:
I am married and we have one daughter, her name is Maelee
My favorite food is cheese
Sculpture is my favorite type of art.
We have a cat named Tiller who we dress up.
Radial Symmetry

Face Vase Symmetry Project

Tessellation Example:

M.C. Escher

Art I
Leonard Da Vinci


Rene Magritte


Clean Up
Names on the board for assigned jobs - this will be for the week
Personal art storage shelve
Detention Notice

To: ____________________________ Class period _____

This is your 24-hour notice that you have been assigned detention with Mr. Ritchie in Rm. 213 on:

Reason for detention: Date of detention(s): __________________
___ Being late to class
___ Not seated during class
___ Talking and not responding to the teacher
___ Being disruptive in class
___ Being disrespectful to others
___ Not following directions
___ Other: _________________________________________________________________

This detention is your opportunity to make up for your inappropriate behavior and avoid receiving a Discipline Referral. Please realize that failure to serve the assigned detention will result in the writing of a Discipline Referral.

Parent/Guardian Signature______________________________________

All student shelves are labeled. Students must retrieve their art prior to the bell daily.
At the end of the class your projects must be placed back on your shelf. Failure to do so will result in the loss of work.
Little effort = Very low grade
Maximum effort = High grade

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