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Financial Plan

Project for personal finance

dalton poniatowski

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Financial Plan

Dalton's Financial Plan Dalton poniatowski 3/22/11 4th hour Step 1. Set SMART Financial Goals You'll need a... Short term goal Intermediate term goal Long term goal Short Term I will Save 12$ per week from March 17th 2011 to April 21st 2011 (5 weeks) for a new video game. Cost: 60$ Intermediate Term I will save 42$ per week from march 17th 2011 to June 8th 2011 (12 weeks) for a used car. Cost: 500$ Long Term I will save 2.9$ per week from March 17th 2011 to March 17th 2012 (52 weeks) for gifts for my Mom's birthday. Cost 150$ Step 2. Analyze Information Personal Spending log? You Know It! Personal spending log Step 3. Create A Plan i dont spend much... I've made no money and haven't spent any either. When I get money i almost always put it away in the bank or in my pig shaped safe. I only like to spend money i make myself, not money given to me. My three goals... 1. College Fund

I need to save for college because, I believe having a higher education increases your chances to go further in life 2. A Car

To have a car is to make oneself mobile and avaliable. Bonus: I dont have to bum rides anymore. 3. Successfully Invest

i want to start making money from having my money invested. Having your money make money seems pretty awesome. Buying my first NEW car I plan on buying a new car during or after my years in college. By the time im in college i should have at least a part time job. i dont spend much now so i shouldnt have to worry about reducing my spending. I have a savings account for my income. Step 4. Impliment The Plan first off, ill have to get a job to support my plan to get a new car. Two strategies I will use are, Tell my friends to keep me from spending extra Make notes of when i spend money I will save 12.50$ a month from March 17th 2011 to March 17th 2012 (12 months) to buy my Mother birthday gifts. Cost: 150$ Long Term Step 5. Monitor and Modify the Plan Every few weeks I will calculate how much I should have and compare that number to how much I have saved. I could get hurt during my savings plan, but I could put some money away just in case.
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