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No description

Tori Chattin

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of NO TITLE

Futurists hold that computer will be everywhere. For example, bridges will have computers that will alert city planners when a part of a bridge is weakening or too stressed and in need of repair. What other objects can you think of that should have the same type of warning or notice capability built into the same device?
Many futurists claim that we will be wearing computers in the future. What workplace dilemmas, problems, or limitations could be addressed if we start wearing computers that are capable of collecting and analyzing data?
Computer literacy is extremely important as the use of computers has become commonplace in many occupations. What are some examples of how computers are used in your field of study or future career?
Step 4
I think tunnels should have a sort of alarming system when there's a leak or there needs to be a repair.
I think some limitations to wearing a computer is that so many people would be dependent on using these computers that people wouldn't know how to cope with the loss of such technology, and not have the skills to do such things as we do today.

Architects use computer- aided drafting to bring their sketches to life.
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