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13 reasons why

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Kaitlin Neely

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of 13 reasons why

Thirteen Reasons Why
By Jay Asher
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, is about a young confused teenager named Hannah Baker. Who takes her own life in her own hands. She leaves 7 cassette tapes, each side is a different reason why she killed her self. Hannah leaves another set of these tapes with one person who spy's on the person with the tapes at that time. If they tell anyone about the tapes the second set of tapes will be released for everyone to see. There are 13 reasons why and Hannah tells each story on each side of a tape. Now the person who has the tapes right now is a boy named Clay Jensen. He wants to find out what he ever did to Hannah to be on these tapes.
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Falling Action
Hannah Baker
Clay Jensen
Minor Characters
Stylistic Devices
When Clay finds out why he is on the tapes. Only when he finds out that Hannah says "Clay, honey, your name does not belong on this list” (200). Clay was on the list because him and Hannah kissed. Although Hannah told Clay to leave the room because she decided she needed to leave her life behind.
The setting of this book is in modern day in a small town. This town is walking distance or a bus ride to one side of town to the other side. In this book there is a map of the whole town
and the stars on the map are places that affected Hannah's life. The town consist of Eisenhower park, Blue Spot Liquor, Movie Theater, Rosie Diner, Monet's Cafe, Gas Station, Post Office and a High school.
The time frame of this book is one night. All throughout the night Clay is listening to the tapes. Once he is done he mails the tapes off to the next person, then goes to school the next day.
Thirteen Reasons Why is told from first person but from two different people. It is mostly told from Clay Jensen who is the
person listing to the tapes. Only when he is listening to the tapes which are told from first person by Hannah Baker. When the tapes are playing the text is in Italic and its
Hannah's point of view. When the text is normal it is Clay's point of view. By the author having one point of view from two
different people. It lets reader get a different side of the story and they think more about the plot.
When at the end of the tapes, Hannah says "Thank you" (282) and then the tapes stop. It was her way of saying her final goodbye.
Clay goes to school to face the faces that were on the tapes, but to also help a friend. His friend named Skye walked down the hall without saying anything. That's when Clay realized that he let Hannah go, so he could not let Skye slip thought his fingers. Clay ran after her and whispered her name.
By: Kaitlin Neely
Justin Foley was Hannah Baker's first kiss, but Justin told his friends it was more then that. Which was a lie and rumors went around about how Hannah would do anything. This was Hannah's first reason why she killed her self.
In a small town, where people are still considered about the suicide of Hannah Baker. When Clay Jensen comes home from school and finds a box with tapes inside it. The tapes are of Hannah Baker's voice telling people 13 reasons why she killed her self.
The party where Hannah and Clay finally talked. Also when Hannah saw Justin with another girl who was drunk, sitting on the couch beside her. She kept bumping into her. Hannah didn't let it bother her and was trying to have a good time.
Courtney Crimsen was Hannah friend until she lead her on just to get a drive. Hannah and Courtney where going to a party out of town. Once they got there Courtney did not want anything to do with
Each tape is a different person that let Hannah down and different ways. A person named Alex Standall made a hot or not list,
Justin Foley
Minor Characters
Justin is the first reason Hannah killed herself. Justin was Hannah's first kiss and Justin twisted the story into something it wasn't. The rumor Justin
made up was that Hannah had undone his pants and he undid her bra. This is important to the plot because this rumor was the start of Hannah's thoughts to suicide. Also this rumor was the start of the snowball affect to all of Hannah's problems.
Marcus Cooley
Minor Characters
Jenny Kurts
Jenny saw Hannah at the party and saw how upset she was, so she offered to drive her home. On there way home Jenny was unfit to drive and ran into a stop sign.
Jenny was about to drive off again, but Hannah stopped her. Jenny was upset that Hannah was accusing her of being unfit to drive. Hannah got out of the car and Jenny drove away. Hannah did not call anyone about the sign, but as she walked away she heard the sound of two cars colliding!
She ran to the nearest gas station to call the police but someone already had called. Clay had called the police and saw the crash happen, someone died in the crash. This impacts Hannah because she feels if she had called no one would have died. She feels as it is her fault.
Marcus was Hannah's Valentine date and at first he stood Hannah up at Rosie's Diner. Then he showed up and told Hannah that he was just nervous. She believed him until he started taking advantage of her because of the rumor he had heard.
This affects Hannah because this is the snow ball effect. Men have been taking advantage of her and pushing her away instead of helping her.
"And the snowball keeps a-rollin" (41)
and Hannah was on it for best butt. Ever since the list got out, men had been taking advantage of Hannah. She put Alex on her list becuase he was the person that made men have and excuse to take advantage of her.
Hannah and she said "Goodbye" (104). By the end of the night Hannah and Courtney talked, but it did not go over well. Courtney felt bad but she knew that Hannah was to upset to forgive. This was one of the reasons Hannah killed herself.
As the novel goes on Hannah becomes more depressed as she relives the memories of the each tape. When Hannah starts explaining to the tape listener what is happening. She
says "Lucky number 13 you can take the tapes to hell" (6), this was Hannah first sign of anger and depression. As Hannah relives every reason she becomes more emotional. In one of the tapes she starts crying because people gave up on her. Also at the end of the tapes she becomes more depressed, by having to say goodbye. On her very last tape there was no noise, until Hannah's voice said "Thank you". That was Hannah's way of saying her final goodbye and letting her life go.
Over the course of the novel Clay had become more respecting for others. As he listened to the tapes over night, his mother
was concerned about him and where he was. As he listened to Hannah's voice he became more respecting to others. He called his Mom and told her that he was fine and said that he loved her. Also he showed it when he did not talk to his old friend on the bus. Only when he was done listening to the tapes he realized that he needed to save his friend Skye. He believed this because he was unable to help Hannah. He wanted to make himself feel better and others.
The theme of thirteen reasons why is your actions affect others. When Tyler Down was taking pictures of Hannah through her own bedroom window it affected other people. His actions that he did for himself, affected Hannah and made Tyler one of the reasons
why she killed herself. Another example of this theme is when Zach Dempsey stool all of Hannah's notes. The notes had positive things about Hannah, that could have saved Hannah from killing herself.
Another example of this theme is when Hannah guidance teacher. He just let her walk out of his office knowing she would try and kill herself. Every person that was on Hannah's tapes had actions and they affected her, leading her to kill herself.
This quote is a example of foreshadowing and symbolism. The snowball symbolizes Hannah's problems and they kept getting bigger as they roll on. It is foreshadowing her problems getting bigger.
"A lot of you cared, just not enough"
This quote is a example of irony. It is Hannah saying that people cared but they did not care enough. They did not do anything about her killing herself.
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