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Energy Resources

No description

john danek

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Energy Resources

Energy Resources
One of the Two.....
Renewable Resources
Non-Renewable Resources
Wind Power
Indefinite Resources
Nuclear energy
Natural Gas
Geothermal Energy
-Coal is a fossil fuel that, when burned, produces energy.
* Renewable Energy- energy whose resources needed to produce it is almost unlimited

* Non-renewable Energy-energy whose resources needed to produce it is limited

* Indefinite Energy-a energy resource which is basically unlimited

* Fossil Fuels-fuels(like coal,oil,natural gas)that take millions of years to make.these are non-renewable.

* Energy Conservation-reduced energy through less of an energy service.

* Energy Resources-The energy industry is the totality of all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy
-Biomass is made up from burned or old natural resources such as wood, plants,waste,etc......
- Oil has to go through a special process before used as fuel for anything.After it has gone through the process it can be burned for fuel
-Nuclear power is a very powerful form of energy that is made from splitting uranium atoms, but if it fails it is deadly to nearby people.
Wind power is created by using turbines that use wind and converts it into electricity. This process uses a form energy called kinetic energy.
-Geothermal Energy is obtained by pouring water on rocks heated by magma, which then releases steam and the heat of the steam is converted to power.
Solar Power
-Solar power is energy created from the heat of the sun, it is collected by solar panels(see picture.)
Hydro-Electric Power
Hydro-Electric energy is where flowing water spins a turbine generating kinetic energy. In example there is the Hoover Dam.
Hydro- Electric Power
by: John Danek, Tyler Hooks, Grayson Booth, and Jeremiah Snelson
Pros Cons
* Reliable

* Very efficient

* works for many years

* No pollution

* Indefinite
* Low costs


*Converts waste into fuel
*Needs a TON of space.


*Requires a lot of plants/waste.
-Natural gas can be used for heating your home or school.
It is also good fuel for transportation you generate power by burning it.
* Cost lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

* Damage ecosystems

* Could harm travel on water
* Lot of water in reservoir serves for
recreational activities
Hydro-Electric Power is
best! If the world was powered by plants the size of the Hoover dam or maybe even larger, we would have so much power! This is the most efficient style of power! With the oceans we have in the world we would have very good power. And a very good reason is we have to have water to live so it will work for life.
What is the best?
Here we decide which is the
(or fossil fuels)
i need note cards if i am gonna do this!
You though it was
For real
Kinetic Energy
So what is this word- Kinetic Energy?
Potential Energy
What is this- Potential Energy?
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