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Got Milk? - Campaign


jim pow

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Got Milk? - Campaign

Created by ad agency Goodby Silverkstein & Partners (GS&P) in 1993.

Created for California Milk Processing Board (CMPB).

Groundbreaking "milk-deprivation" strategy. got intro? got objectives? got mustache? got facts? got success? By: Team Platinum •Coca Cola spent 100 million in comparison to got milk's 23 million in the same year.

•A 7% increase in revenue of milk after 1994 (100 million dollars), equivalent to 40 million gallons of milk in California.

Dairy Management, Inc.’s took the California ‘‘Got Milk?’’ campaign nationwide in 1995, with an $80 million media spend. Change the public’s behavior regarding milk

Create the idea of ‘‘milk occasions’’ by associating the product with certain foods

Curb the decline in sales by convincing people to buy milk more often and in larger quantities. The Gallup study got market research? Past advertisements had been targeted at the 30 percent of people who were not using any milk or who were using it less than the average person. CMPB study Recorded milk consumption habits, statewide. results :-three reasons people didn't drink milk. high in fat, it's a children's drink, and it's boring. MARC study Continuous telephone survey of a representative sample of the population in California, and a qualitative study of focus groups and one-on-one interviews led by GS&P. CMPB say the original objectives of the campaign were exceeded.

The campaign objective to change behavior and increase milk consumption was also met.

The ‘‘Got Milk?’’ campaign collecting nearly every industry award, including a Silver Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and a David Ogilvy Research Award.

The awareness of "Got Milk" tag line 12 times greater than the Pepsi tag line by 1999 and 4 times greater than Coca Cola's "Enjoy". Mr Miller - got milk?
Source: Youtube
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