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Fungi: Kingdom of life

No description

D. Rezi

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Fungi: Kingdom of life

Cell type and number of cells
Fungi are eukaryotes and are both inucellular and multicellular.
Cell walls and type of nutrition
Fungi have no cell walls and are heterotrophic as they are decomposers.
Type of reproduction
Fungi reproduce both asexually and sexually.
Deadly Dapperling
Domain- Eukarya
Kingdom- Fungi
Phylum- Basidiomycota
Class- Agaricomycetes
Order- Agaricales
Family- Agaricaceae
Genus- Lepiota
Species- L. brunneoincarnata
Fungi: Kingdom of life
Death Cap- A. phalloides
Destroying Angel- A. bisporigera
FLy Agaric- A. muscaria
Satan's Bolete- R. satanas
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