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How Animals Affect Humans

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Jessica Hammond

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of How Animals Affect Humans

By Jessica Hammond The Affects Animals Have on Humans Animals Affect humans physically and socially They provide great company to their owners.
Eg. Elders may have cats for pets because they are quiet and easier to take care of. Emotionally and Mentally Decreased chance of depression or other emotional issues
Studies show pet owners are less depressed and healthier Health Healthy Heart
2002 study shows that people with pets had lower risk of heart disease and had less stress while preforming the task (timed math task) Better than family and friends Pets help in different institutes and provide great company to the patients who may long for this type of interaction They encourage social interactions
In institutions pets help people open up and communicate with others Children who have been affected by cruelty often accept cats and dogs because they realize that they don’t have any bad ulterior motives Pets reduce loneliness, welcome people and they encourage conversations
For example, while walking dogs Develop better social skills
People are able to gain back a sense of responsibility they may have lost, they are also able to care and nurture something. These pets also allow patients to think about others because animals have needs AAT (animal assisted therapy) is a great example of a healthy relationship between the therapy animal and therapist, it represents to patient what healthy relationships are like and it gives the patient an example about how to create and maintain healthy relationships Pets give people a chance to practice social skills and caring skills with a being that is less complex than humans AAT gives therapists an easier way to address hygiene issues with the mentally ill patients They encourage exercise
A chinese study shows that women who own dogs got more exercise, had less sick days and fewer doctor visits then women who weren't pet owners Generally animals encourage exercise like riding a horse, walking a dog or even walking a llama A study shows elders increased walking ability much more when walking with a dog rather than another person Help in nursing homes, they give elders something to think about and break up the routine Study shows having a dog in the room can lower blood pressure better than some popular medication when people are stressed Improve mental process
Help to increase focus and interactions among children with autism and other developmental disorders Detecting diseases
Dogs can detect diseases in humans Helping with diseases and health
Dogs can be train to do many things including helping the blind, detecting diseases and in helping in therapies
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