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Book Genres

No description

Jen Barcavage

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Book Genres

Book Genres
-This genre could be about any topic.
-It teaches you facts about the topic.
-It has text features to help you understand the facts.
These include:
Table of Contents
Bold Faced Words
Fantasy Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Historical Fiction
Fiction Tree
Do books have different genres?
How can I identify book genres?
characters act like who or what they are
setting is a place that looks familiar or really exists
problem is real
Dear Juno
Junie B. Jones
The setting is from the past
The characters are people but they dress different than we do
There are not cars or the cars look different
There aren't computers, cell phones or iPads
The American Girls
Rashee and the Seven Elephants
Jennifer Barcavage
EDIM 508
This presentation is designed to give students visual representation of book genres. It can be used whole group on the Smartboard or in learning centers.
What are the two basic genres?

Fiction-is a made up story
Nonfiction-teaches us facts
Narrative Fiction
A made up story that is told through letters or by a narrator.
the characters are not speaking
the narrator tells what the characters are doing and saying
the story may be written as letters
Dear Mr. Blueberry
Johnny Appleseed
A made up story that could really happen.
A made up story that could never really happen.
A story that is made up but
takes place in a real time and place.
(Talking objects or animals)
Make believe characters or settings
(monsters, fairies, magic forest)
Make believe problems
(rainbow stripes on skin, sprouting wings)
A Bad Case of Stripes
Winnie the Pooh
Find out more about Nonfiction Text Features in our class made video
PA Common Core Standards:
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More about Nonfiction Text Features

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