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CSM Organization Finance Training

This presentation covers the ins and outs of organizational finance at Colorado School of Mines

Travis Smith

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of CSM Organization Finance Training

CSM Organization Finance Training
Overview of Training Topics
Spending Authority
Purchasing Methods
Sales Tax
Gift Cards
Prize Drawings
Logo useage
Purchase of Alcohol
Signing on behalf of the University
Donations from account
no itemized receipt is available
How to do what you can do
For the majority of purchases you should never have to spend money out of pocket. There is always a chance that something may not be reimbursed, so please use the school's money up front if possible.
Less than $50
Petty Cash Form
More than $50
Voucher Request Form
Purchasing Forms
Purchase Requisitions (PRs)
Purchases over $1000
Any Contract ($1-10,000+)
Do not sign contracts
Use Student Activity Contract when possible
Takes more time due to potential contract negotiations
Field Purchase Orders (FPOs)
Up to $1000
Can be used at some local businesses much like a check
Must be signed by SA Staff or ASCSM Treasurer prior to purchase
List of Vendors accepting FPOs
Internal Sales and Service Voucher (ISSV)
For transfer of funds between organization and/or department accounts
Buying Department (-$)
Selling Department (+$)
Movie Tickets
Petty Cash Fund
Can be used to take university money to make a purchase
Must return receipt and cash in amount of the loan after the purchase
Ex: COSTCO Purchases
University COSTCO Card (Tax Free)
Copy Center Form
Used to charge copies to your organization's Index with the copy center in Guggenheim
Purchase Card
Can be used for almost any purchase where Credit Cards (Visa) are accepted
May be checked out from Nanci or Travis
Process for using our P-Cards
Email with details of purchase (specifics) or come in and use the SA Computer in the work room for online purchases
If ordering online a secure website is required (https://)
Make sure the item shows no taxes
Ask for our card information to enter when ready to check out
Print itemized receipt
Make sure when item arrives the packing slip is given to the person whose card you used.
Process for Checking out out P-Cards
Come to or call Student Activities
Set meeting with Nanci or Travis
get rules and regulations of the card
Give your information to SA Staff member
Name, CWID, Location and purpose of the purchase, expected day and time of return
Take card to business and make purchase
Return card with Itemized receipt and no taxes charged
Must fill out TA for any trip >50 miles from campus
Even if not getting reimbursed
May reimburse or get Travel Advance money for the following
Hotel, Registration, Airfare, Mileage, Rental Car, taxis, per diem, parking, etc...
Many of these items may be pre-paid with the P-Card
Must fill out TE within 60 days of return
Out of State/International Travel
Must now be processed through Human Resources as a University Employee unless contracting with a parent company
Time sheets
Approval of Hours
Must work with Nanci or Travis to complete
Checks made out to CSM
Cash and Coin Organized
Work Room Computer - Complete Deposit information form
Bring form and deposit to Nanci or Travis
Receive deposit slip to take to cashier
Return deposit receipt from Cashier to SA Office
Most Important Things to Remember
Start Early and Do NOT wait until the last minute
Leave enough time to complete all paperwork and get payments made
Utilize SA, Controller's Office, and Purchasing Office Staff
Keep your own records with the OrgSync Checkbook Feature
Use the P-Card and University Money whenever possible

Must Charge Sales Tax on all Sales of goods, use the forms in the work room to assist with this
Receiving money to your Account
Donations may be deposited up to $1000 as long as there are no restrictions on the gift
If >$1000 and/or restrictions exist on the gift we will create another account for you with the Foundation to deposit the money (no fees)
If depositing with the Foundation checks need to be made out to CSM-Foundation
If doing a large and/or complicated Fundraiser for your club please talk to Kelsie Collins in the Controller's office before you begin advertising
If selling items you will need to collect and remit sales tax
Sales tax in Golden is 7.5%
SA Staff
Signature Authority, P-Card, General Support, Files
ASCSM Treasurer
Advice, Allocations information, Signature Authority
Controller's Office
Travel Desk, Fundraising, Sales Tax
Purchasing Office
Contracts, FPOs, P-Card Issues, Copier Codes
Treasurer's Portal
Dues Tracking
Other features coming soon
Copier Code
If your organization would like to have access to the copier outside of the Student Activities office you may request a copy code to be created for you to charge copies directly to your Index. Requests should be made to Nanci
Be mindful as to who will have access to the code, as homework copies could end up costing your organization a lot of money
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