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The Most Dangerous Game Soundtrack

No description

rebekah gardner

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game Soundtrack

The Most Dangerous Game Soundtrack by Rebekah Gardner
Parts of this song fit the story. When the song says,"Taking over/ But it won't be long/ They're mesmerized", it makes me think of the people the
general is killing. They want to run away, but most of them can't. The part of the song that says, "They've got something to say no to", makes me think of what happens to when they say no to playing the game.
I Am the Doctor from Doctor Who
Folies Bergere by Paul Lincke
I don't know if this is what General Zaroff was humming in they story or not, but even then, the meaning still goes beyond a simple tune. This song reminds me of Zaroff because of the chipper beginning and the mischievous melody after the first minute. At first, General Zaroff looks like a normal and accepting guy. After he opened up to Rainsford, you found that he was a murderer in his spare time. The song still sounds happy later on because "hunting" is fun to him.
Silent Caves from Homestuck Fanmusic
The title says it all. The music has a really eerie feeling to it just like in the scene where Rainsford is in the cave. I almost lost my breath when listening to this song. That made me think of how tired and nervous Rainsford must have been.
The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
Honestly, I feel like this song fits The Most Dangerous Game, just with gambling instead of hunting. The gambler is Zaroff and the person learning from the gambler is Rainsford. Zaroff has known how people will react and where they will run. Because of this, he thought he could beat Rainsford. Zaroff ended up losing to Rainsford instead.
Kids With Guns by the Gorillaz
Even though this doesn't have lyrics, I feel that this represents the story as a whole. In the first minute of the song, I think the intensity of it shows when Rainsford was swimming to shore after falling off the boat. During the second minute, the song kind of calms down, then becomes louder again. This shows when Rainsford meets Zaroff and finding comfort, but later learning his secret. In the last two minutes of the song, I interpreted it as Rainsford finally winning the game and defeating Zaroff.
Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People
I chose this song mainly for the chorus. During the story, Zaroff is chasing Rainford around with a gun in the woods. Zaroff is kind of taunting Rainsford when he gets away or is unnoticed. Zaroff is telling him to run or else he'll lose the game.
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns'n'Roses
In this song, the lyrics talk about playing games in the jungle. Zaroff was offering Rainsford his life, only if he could survive his hunting game. The song also says "You're gonna die". That's what Zaroff thought would happen to Rainsford, but it didn't.
Murder by Coldplay
Rainsford knew what Zaroff was doing was murder. He tried hiding from him in a tree. Zaroff was coming after him and trying to kill him.
Born to be Wild
Zaroff stated in the story that he was born to hunt. In this song, it talks about being ready to go out and find adventure. Zaroff used to do that until he got bored. He ended up murdering and saying it was hunting.
Disturbia by Rihanna
I feel like this song could be from Zaroff's point of view. The song is talking about the person going crazy and getting ready to kill. Zaroff wasn't exactly the most normal person. I mean, he did murder for fun.
One way or Another by Blondie
Zaroff is doing his best to catch Rainsford. He tried his best to get him. He didn't want to give up, no matter how good Rainsford was.
I Will Survive by Diana Ross
Even though this song is hinting more towards romance, I think it fits Rainsford. No matter how difficult Zaroff, he still tried his best and ended up winning.
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