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The Cookie Company

No description

Shaley McKeever

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The Cookie Company

The Competition The Market The Brand Oakview Mall Omaha, NE Westroads Mall Omaha, NE Cookie Company's
Social Media Competitor's
Social Media Popularity
Engagement Trust
Influence Data Limitations
Future Research Best
Practices The Cookie Company page has 686 likes

Tends to only post every couple of months
Activity has declined since May 2012
People post questions, but The Cookie Company doesn't respond

They showcase most of their products in their photos
Photos also include seasonal cookies
There are many photos, but not enough promotional postings Facebook Overall impression:
Very slow and lack luster site
@cookieco85 is following 17 people
@cookieco85 has 17 followers

No background photo
No specific Information

Total of 11 tweets
Last tweet was July 30, 2012
No retweets

Tried to connect with people such as ESPN etc. to make a public reputation Twitter @cookieco85 Following Appearance Tweeting Facebook Twitter @cookiecompany85
Popularity @ElenisCookies
Popularity 49.3 @cookiecompany85
Engagement 11.3 7.5 @ElenisCookies
Engagement 32.4 TweetLevel Twitter The Cookie Company
Engagement 689 The Cookie Company
Popularity 686 Eleni's Cookies
Popularity Eleni's Cookies
Engagement 6,003 6,076 Facebook Popularity
(# of likes + # of people talking about page + # of people in the page)

Facebook Engagement
(# of likes + # of people talking about page + # likes) Eleni's page has 5,860 likes
Attractive profile picture and cover photo

Consistently active over time
Responds to users posts within 24 hours

Photos include all products, especially seasonal cookies

Shares daily/weekly promotions - @ElenisCookies Appearance Tweeting Following 516

Same profile photo as Facebook
Custom background photo
Has tagline, location and website

Tweets once every two days
One in five tweets are retweets
Posts pictures of seasonal items and promotions Following Twitter TweetLevel Influence @cookiecompany85 15.1 Trust @cookiecompany85 5.0 @ElenisCookies 22.5 @ElenisCookies 50.5 = Facebook Influence # of shares
# of page likes
# of people talking about the page + = Facebook Trust + # of shares
# of people talking about the page Influence The Cookie Company Eleni's Cookies 690 6,041 T R U S T Eleni's Cookies 4 1 7 1 The Cookie Company DATA limitations Limited Information We don't have access
to their accounts TweetLevel only tracks the previous
500 tweets over the past 15 days The Cookie Company only has 11 tweets
They haven't tweeted since July 30th, 2012 The information doesn't tell us much. We don't know what their goals are with social media. There is not
a website for
The Cookie Company. Limited resources to measure Facebook
analytical information Future
Research Measure their activity over a 6-month period
or a year
to gather stronger data. Research software that allows people to view company's analytical information. Research other ways of measuring engagement and influence via Facebook. Determine the company's goals
with using
social media. Why haven't they posted

What are the problems they are encountering

What would they like to post on a regular basis Create a website for both Cookie Company locations that provides necessary information for customers. Create a foursquare account that offers incentives for customers to check-in. Locations
Hours of Operation
Product Information
Special Events
Photo Gallery
Connect with Social Media Check-in Deals Buy one cookie, get one FREE with every fifth check in. First time checking in? Receive one FREE small drink with purchase. Become mayor and receive one FREE cookie of your choice. Post on the Facebook page at least three times a week. Posts should include: Specials and deals that are available
Photos and descriptions of products
Topics that are related to The Cookie Company to engage users
Topics that are trending to bring new users to the page
Questions that encourage users to provide feedback on different products Be the 100 person to like this post, or the 50 person to retweet this, and receive a free cookie on your next visit

Advertise the Facebook page and the Twitter account on napkins, cups, wrappers and promotional materials

Place cookies and crumb sticker decals on floors leading to The Cookie Company that mention
"Follow the cookie @cookiecompany85"
or " our Facebook page" @cookiecompany85
Tweet at
a day. Tweets should include: Similar to Facebook posts
Create a specific hashtag to represent the different locations and start a competition between the two
Engage followers with trending topic tweets and relate them back to cookies in a humorous way Advertise
The Cookie Company's social media
pages. Advertise
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