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No description

Lawrence McDonell

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Resilience

Resilience sometimes means being strong like a rock. Unmoving, hard and not easily changed. It means having the ability to withstand tough times. I may need to be like a rock when:
* The weather is hot or cold.
* I am facing a situation I can't change.
* I am trying to ignore someone who is annoying me.
* I am trying to learn something new.
* I lose a game.

Resilience sometimes means being strong like water. Flexible, free flowing adapts to change easily. It means having the ability to change how we react to tough times. I may need to be like water when:
* Plans change at the last minute.
* I have a casual teacher.
* I am working on a problem.
* I start a new school.
* I am playing in a team.
* I am in a difficult situation
You have to choose to be resilient.
Resilience is about attitude.
Sometimes resilience is moving on.
What does resilience mean?
Here are two clues:
1. Teachers and parents want young people to be resilient.

2. It means something like the word tough.
I want you to think about these clues and imagine someone who is tough.
What do they look like? How do they act?
Physical Resilience vs Mental Resilience
Resilience refers to our inner strength. It means bouncing back from problems and remaining strong through tough times. When we need to be resilient we ground our feet, centre our breathing and focus our eyes and minds.
Can I be strong all the time?
You will have times where you may feel like you have failed.
Was your picture like this?
Or like this?
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