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bring life to color

Chelsea Montgomery

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden

Give Life to Color Benjamin D'Agostino, Grace Geiermann, Maytav Koter, Chelsea Montgomery, Ariel Pietrobono SWOT Analysis Strengths Wal-Mart already has a loyal customer base
Glidden Prices are cheap- in people's price range Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Consumers unaware of paint sold at Wal-Mart
People with lower income don't feel the need to buy paint
Bad reviews on paint quality Growing amount of DIYers People are already brand loyal
Women don't see themselves as home improvement experts
Competitors The Industry Home Improvement Industry Wal-Mart $57.2 Billion Industry
Increasing by 13%
People are going out and renovating their home Behr
Sherwin Williams
Benjamin Moore
Clark + Kensington Olympic The Competitors: Valspar
Marketing Strategy Target Audience Jenni Smith Opal Sharma Janet Higgins 23 years old
Employed part time
Salary $25,000 a year
Urban environment 57 years old
Employed full time
Professor at a small local college
Salary: $45,000 a year
Suburban Environment
Lives in a house 34 years old
Married, 1 young child
Full time nurse
Salary: $40,000 a year
Small house in the suburbs PROBLEM: Although she is a current Wal-Mart Home shopper, she is not inclined to paint her home. PROBLEM: Although she is a current Wal-Mart paint shopper, she doesn't see the need to paint frequently PROBLEM: Although she is a current Wal-Mart shopper, she is not purchasing paint. Represents Gloom Represents Healing Represents Romance and Love Represents Freshness and Joy How can paint personally reflect your life and experiences? Balancing Cost Budget Glidden Gives Life to Color Glidden paint is available in 3,500 US stores Thank you! To Recap: Any Questions? New colors with sentiments
Discounting strategies and price incentives
Advances in promotion strategies
Fun for the whole family
Improving customer relations Offer new line of paints
Discounts anticipating the year's most significant moments
Display aesthetics
Bottom line promotion on tumblr.com
Allow returns and exchanges Yearly Promotions Spring Sale (March 1st- 8th)
Summer Sale (July 1st - 15th)
Fall Sale (September 1st - 8th)
Winter Sale (December 1st-15th)
Black Friday (November 23rd- January 1st) Prime Costs
Overhead Costs
Establishments Costs
Commercial Costs
Miscellaneous Costs Production Cost is roughly $5.00 Scenario 1:
$18.00 gallon of paint during the holiday season will be discounted 20% to a final price of $14.40. Profit is still almost $10.
Scenario 2:
Tumblr discount code gives a 15% discount in Walmart. So if they buy a $16.00 gallon of Glidden paint with a 15% discount, the final price will be $13.60. Profit is $8.60.
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