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Horses and Math

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bailey brummel

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Horses and Math

Horses and Math
Here are some main reasons why math is important :
How is math related to horses?
Finding the right amount of feed can be difficult, too much can cause them to go lame and too little can make them skinny.
Besides a horse can only eat about 2.5% of its body weight.

Riding weight is very important to learn, if you don't understand your horses abilities you could end up hurting the animal.
Riding Weight
here is a YouTube video
I found explaining math
within feeding.
A horse can only carry about 15 - 20% of their own body weight.

An average trail saddle might weigh 25 pounds. If the rider weighed 160 pounds, how much weight would the horse be carrying in total?

So, how do you figure out how much to feed your horse? Start with knowing the weight of your horse. Then, divide that weight by 100, and then multiply the result by both of the amounts of feed given in the directions above. The resulting two numbers will tell you the range of how much to feed your horse to give them the nutrition they need for both their size and their activity level.
Example Feeding Directions:
1200 lb horse, in light exercise.
(1200 ÷ 100) = 12 lbs a day
(12 × 0.4) = 4.8 lbs a day
(12 × 0.6) = 7.2 lbs a day
In this example, this horse would need to eat between 4.8 and 7.2 lbs per day of this feed to receive the nutrition he needs. Some horses that are easier keepers can fall to the lower end of the range, while harder keepers may need to push the upper limit.

riding weight
math involved
Vaccination can be an easy and quick process if you know what your doing. Vaccination is a very important step in keeping your horse healthy. one bad accident, like either over or under-dosing your horse could cause a problem.
Here is some more information about vaccination time.
You can find your horses heigth using your hand as a meaurment.
Having the right conformation in a horse is crucial to having the "perfect" horse.
Sizing is important to get just the right fit of saddle, bridle, girth, and saddle pads.
(Heartgirth x heartgirth x body length) / 330 = Weight of horse
you can weigh your horse like this without using a scale, for finding the amount needed of medication.

for finding the girth size of your horse, measure their heart girth divide it by 2 and subtract 3


There are three main parts of the horse that
should be of equal length; the shoulder, midpiece,
hindquarter. Ideally the shoulder, back, hip, head,
and neck should all be the same length. A horse
should not be faulted for having a shorter (or
longer) head as much as a horse with a shorter (or
longer) back or hip. The most important lengths
that should be in balance are the shoulder,
midpiece, and hindquarter (the neck is also
sometimes included in this). .
The depth of the heart girth should be equal
to the length of the legs; the horse should also be
the same height at the withers and the croup. It is
important to note that in young horses the
hindquarters may grow at a quicker rate than the
withers. As a result, young horses that “run
downhill” should not be faulted as severely as a
mature horse would be. In addition, the width of
the horse’s chest should generally be the same as
the width of the hindquarters.

A man buys a horse for 50 dollars. Decides he wants to sell his horse later and gets 60 dollars. He then decides to buy it back again and paid 70 dollars. However, he could no longer keep it and he sold it for 80 dollars.
Now take out some scratch paper and work it out so checking it with mine.
Did he make money? lose money? or break even? Explain why.
The answer to this one is that the man saw a 20 dollar profit. Whether you use a number line or a debit/credit approach, the answer is $20.00 profit.
sizing is importnant to the overall look of the se in the show ring
Conformation is the key aspect in knowing your horse, a great conformation is a great horse. In the show ring you are judged by your horses conformation
meausuring for the weight of your horse without a scale.
helping you find the conformation of your horse.
4 inches
3 inches
5 inches
6 inches
- 50
+ 60
= +10
- 70
= -60
+ 80
= + 20
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