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Le Centre

No description

Abby Wolgamuth

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Le Centre

Le Centre
Le Centre is not the geographical center of France
Located in the northwest
Land area is 39,151 square km
4th region in terms of land area
Temperate climate
Terrain - plains and plateaus
Main crops:
grains (wheat, corn)
sugar beet
automobile industry
tires, plastic, etc.
Major supplier of nuclear energy
Map of Le Centre
Image: a vineyard above the Loire river
Image: the Chinon nuclear power plant on the Loire river
image: Château de Chambord
In general, wine is important
“Cœur de Loire,” meaning “Heart of Loire”
Known for castles and cathedrals (Chartres Cathedral) – cultural center is the Châteaux de la Loire
Chambord, Blois, Amboise, Chenenceau, etc.
City Culture
Tours – largest city by population
known for wine
site of paris-tours bicycle race
Orléans – capital of region
Festival de la Loire takes place in Orléans
biannually in late september
boats, food, and music!
Many castles
Loire Valley
Loire River
Longest river in France
1,020 km or 628 miles
Serves as dividing line between cold north and warm south
Main Features
Tourism is a huge part of the economy of le Centre... because CASTLES :D
Iron Ages
Loire Valley under control of Cenomanni
Descendants fought against Caesar in 52 BC
Christian Era
Saint-Gatien introduced Christianity
11th-12th Centuries
Many chateaus established
Lands under control of England
French seized control of land
Catholic Church lost influence
15th-16th Centuries
Many castles built by French kings
Wanted an escape from Parisian life
17th Century
Decline during French Revolution
Loire became divided
Tours became headquarters of American Expeditionary Force
Region became known as le Centre
Contains six departments
Eure-et-Loir, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher, Loiret, Indre and Cher
These were known as Orleans, Berry and Touraine prior to the French Revolution
Often still called by former names
Capital city is Orleans
By Sarah Welton and Abby Wolgamuth
Country food - "Cuisine du Terroir"
Pork products
Andouillette Sausage
Goat Cheeses
Sainte Maure
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