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Marketing Your Liberal Arts Degree

No description

Nicholas Paschvoss

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Your Liberal Arts Degree

Michelin® Career Center
& AAH Advising

Marketing Your
Liberal Arts Degree

Value of a Liberal Arts Education
Core Skills
Major Progress Timeline
Value of a Liberal Arts Education
Core Skills
Major Progress Timeline
Making yourself a competitive candidate
Selling your skills on your resume
Selling your skills in an interview
Common Pitfalls
Careers for Liberal Arts Majors
Today's Agenda
Reading quickly and being able to pinpoint relevant data
The ability to identify quickly and accurately the critical issues when making a decision/solving a problem
Critical Analysis
Ability to identify problems and needs
Identifying source materials necessary to solve a problem
The ability to interact effectively with peers, superiors, and subordinates
The ability to generate and maintain cooperation and support
Human Relations
Developing and offering new perspectives for old problems
Ability to integrate and present complex data
Can approach problems utilizing their knowledge of government policies and historical trends
Liberal arts students are known for having this skill
Creative Thinking
& Problem Solving
Documenting a conclusion and presenting it clearly through speech or writing
The ability to use various forms and styles of written communication
Foreign Language skills
Ability to organize people and tasks to achieve specific goals
Many CEO's of companies majored in Liberal Arts
Management &
Administrative Skills
Interpersonal Communication
Foreign Language Partners
Time Management
Development & Implementation of Activities, Projects, etc.
Experience in student organizations, volunteer work, and past internships/jobs can provide you with valuable core skills in the areas of:
Provides transferable, functional skills required in many different problem-solving and task-oriented situations
Built into your education; sought by many employers
The National Association for Colleges & Employers (NACE) surveyed employers across the country asking:
"What do you look for when hiring new employees?"
Survey showed that employers focus on hiring individuals with the right skills rather than the right major
A new employee with the right skills can easily learn the specifics of any industry
What skill sets do you think a Liberal Arts education will provide you?
Being a Competitive Candidate
Internships - on & off campus
Volunteer Activities
Obtain career-related experience
Get involved with on-campus activities
Choose ones that suit your interests
Take courses that will help build your skills
Business, communication, public speaking, computer or education courses
One of the best ways to get a job
Can help you understand how to break into the field
Build Your Social &
Networking Relationships
Develop and refine your resume
Make sure not to overlook the cover letter
Selling Skills
The Resume
Group experiences into similar categories
Related Experience
Research Experience (IE: Creative Inquiry)
Leadership Experience (IE: Offices in organizations)
Class projects can also help you develop your skills, too
Summary of Qualifications
The Resume ....continued
Used to highlight your greatest strengths
Good for students who don't have much experience
Be sure to back up your strength with an example and/or detailed information
"Skilled in utilizing a variety of tools for conducting research including bibliographies, statistics, automated databases, the Internet, and other instruments."
Prepare for the interview questions
The Interview
Be comfortable with your responses BUT you do not want to sound rehearsed
Know what your knowledge, skills, and abilities are
Think about your qualifications for that specific position
Almost 90% of people interviewed can not state their skills
Practice your communication skills
The Interview ....continued
Gain awareness of your non-verbals and tone
For practice, you can use Interview Stream or schedule a Mock Interview
Think about challenging situations that demonstrate your skills & experiences
Employers want you to have specific examples for questions - brainstorm beforehand
Failure to show sincere interest
Common Pitfalls
Being too versatile
Overselling inadequate qualification
Expecting high starting salaries
Overlooking smaller and medium-sized organizations
“The No. 1 skill that employers are looking for are communication skills and
liberal arts students who take classes in writing and speaking.”
- Dan Schawbel, founder of Millenial Branding
“30% of surveyed employers said they were recruiting liberal arts types,
second only to the 34% who said they were going after engineering and
computer information systems majors.”
“Companies are looking for
soft skills over hard skills
now because hard skills can be
learned, while soft skills
need to be developed.”
“29% of employers said they were looking for graduates with entrepreneurial
experience. That’s far behind the 69% who think relevant courses are an
important factor to someone’s candidacy.”

“…65% say a referral from a boss or professor is significant…”

“…50% like to see a leadership position in a campus organization.”
Employers are looking for genuine commitment from prospective employees
Do not have the "I'll do anything!" approach
One single course/experience is unlikely to get you the job
Focus on selling ALL of your qualifications
Non-technical fields have lower starting salaries
Keep in mind the whole benefits package
"Small businesses" comprise 95% of the American economy
These businesses will often have more flexibility - don't overlook them
Liberal arts majors with good writing skills: corporate communications at pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies, and larger healthcare providers.
Job Opportunities
Non-profits (see idealist.org)
Veterans Benefits Administration
The Department of Defense (DOD)
Actively seeking majors in Business Management, History, Education, Finance, Counseling, and Sociology. Positions for graduates with these degrees include teaching, financial services, and crisis management.
The National Security Agency (NSA)
Looking for linguists and researchers as well. Jobs in border and transportation security, intelligence, public health, and policy analysis are available.
Appointments for:
Career Library
Career Counseling
Resume Critiques
Cover Letter Critiques
Mock Interviews
Interview Preparation
Job Search Assistance
Career Fair Prep
Occupations & Careers
Internet Access for Research
Job Search
Employer Information
Graduate School
....And More!
Questions? Comments?
Michelin® Career Center
316 Hendrix Student Center
Advertising/Public Relations
Environmental Work
Film & Television
Governmental Jobs
Human Resources
Human Services/Non-profit Mmgt
International Business
Investment Banking
Top 21 Careers for
Liberal Arts Majors
Library & Information Science
Marketing & Sales
Museum Work
Physical Sciences
Public Policy
Research/Health Care
Sports Management & Recreation
Technical Writing
Newsletter: "Current Jobs in Liberal Arts"
Published every 2 weeks
Diversity Resources
Every student has a unique identity, and we recognize you may have specific career-related questions and/or concerns. Please come in for a drop-in or appointment so we can assist you.
Michelin® Career Center

316 Hendrix Student Center
Type in major
See what you're qualified for
Helps narrow search to job title and easier to navigate site
What qualifies you for the job?
Make it brief!
About 80% of the jobs go unpublished
55% of communication is non verbal
ClemsonJobLink, CareerShift, Indeed.com,
ACInet, ONet
Job Opportunities
Communications major -> Food blog
CU Alumni Services Director majored in History
CU English major writes for local newspaper
CU Philosophy major works for a large engineering firm writing policies
CU L&IT majors work for Michelin & BMW
Several LA majors run their own business
Many other possibilities....
Job Searching
Abercrombie & Fitch
AXA Advisors
Bank of America
Bovis Lend Lease
CB&I (Chicago Bridge & Iron)
Consolidated Graphics
Crown Automotive
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Enterprise Rent a Car
Ferguson, a Wolseley Company
Hodges & Hicks General
Top 25 Employers
College of Architecture, Arts & Humanities
Hormel Food Corp.
Insight Global, Inc.
JE Dunn Construction
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
NVR, Inc. (Ryan Homes)
Reed Construction Data
Sherwin-Williams Company
Target Corporation
The Vanguard Group
Wachovia Corporation
Mirror what employers are looking for
Benefits package can be $5,000
Language and International Health
Language and International Trade
Landscape Architecture
Modern Languages
Humanities Majors at Clemson University
105 Strode Tower
College of Architecture,
Arts & Humanities
Advisement Center
Major Mentor Program
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