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Why A Clockwork Orange Should Not Be Banned

No description

Alexander Greene Greene

on 20 March 2012

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Transcript of Why A Clockwork Orange Should Not Be Banned

A Clockwork Orange: To Ban Or Not to Ban What Is A Clockwork Orange? **Hint: it's not about a walking clock! (Close though) The story revolves around a futuristic dystopia set in London. Fifteen year old Alex is the protagonist in the story who leads a gang of other teen delinquents on a path of violence and rape. Eventually betrayed by his fellow "droogs," he is sent away to prison where he soon encounters a treatment program said to cure him of his evil ways. My Favorite Part of A Clockwork Orange After Alex's treatment of his hard case of badness, even the thought of evil would ignite a sharp and painful sickness in his stomach.
To avoid this intense physical distress, he was forced to be obidiant and submissive to others.
There was one scene where Alex was forced to lick someone's dirty boot without the ability to fight back without getting sick. Though I agree it was cruel it did have some amusing elements along with it. Theme song for A Clockwork Orange Ironically, all of Alex's crimes were associated with his love for classical music. This was his main drive for all of his bad deeds. Now the Big Question: If this Book is So Controvercial to Readers, Why do we Continue to Read it? Although the book's content may be unpleasent or disturbing to some readers, it addresses some very important topics about good and evil that can be related to modern society. One of the most perplexing questions in the novel asks whether or not a "man who chooses the bad [is] perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him" (Burgess 109). As a true book, it lets the readers ponder freely about the topic and let them come up with their own conclusions based on their core philosophies. Banning a book for disclosing the painful truth about humanity does not help anybody, in fact, it blinds readers from what really occurs in the world. It is important to recall that bad things "do occur in society - people are raped and murdered and abused every day" (Dr. Thompson, www.news.bbc.co.uk). Though it is natural for people to stray away from more controversial and disturbing topics, it is necessary to understand in order to be able to make more informed and thoughtful decisions about it in the future. Reason For Controvercy From ALA website "Removed from Aurora, CO high school (1976) due to objectionable language and from high school classrooms in Westport, MA (1977) because of objectionable language. Removed from two Anniston, AL High school libraries (1982), but later reinstated on a restricted basis" (ALA). Banned for graphical elements
Sexually explicit
**Additional Reasons The End!
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