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Walt Whitman Powerpoint

ms novicks essay powerpoint.

Kevin Cortez

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Walt Whitman Powerpoint

The Voice of Poetry Walt Whitman Whitman Life Walt was born on Long Island, NYC, on May 31, 1819.
He lived with a working class family who grew up as farmers. Walt did not go to college, but by the age of 11, he was finished with his formal education. Eventually, he began his life as a laborer in his teenage years. By his mid 30's, Walt began producing work that would eventually lead many to view him as America's greatest and most revolutionary poet. His greatest piece was "Leaves of Grass" which was published in 1855. It focused on nature and the individual humans role in it.
Walt died on March 26, 1892.
The main cause of his death was
miliary tuberculosis with other contributing
factors. Romanticism Romanticism began in the early to mid 19th century.
It was greatly influenced by changes in political, economic, and social climate of America. It also expanded into the West, accompanied with a growing antislavery sentiment, and an increased demand for workers right and women's suffrage. It affected not just literature, but all forms of art. Key Goals and Beliefs included: Stressed the importance of the individual, the unique, and the eccentric
Preferred boldness over the preceding ages desire for restraint
A,mbivalent toward the "real" social world around the people.
Leaves of Grass Walt spend his entire life writing "Leaves of Grass". The very first edition was published in 1855, and included a collection of poems. Whitman spent his entire life writing Leaves of Grass, revising it in several editions until his death. Many of the poems discussed delight in sensual pleasures during a time in which such act were immoral. Major themes included the body and soul, nature, time, and democracy. The idea of revolt against political correctness is present in certain poems, which ties with the Romanticism Era. The collection received mixed reviews from various audiences as well.
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