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ME 490A - FSAE Final Presentation

No description

Errol Cayabyab

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of ME 490A - FSAE Final Presentation

Concept Development Process Formula SAE Mission
Statement Identify
Needs Establish
Specifications Generate
Concepts Select
Concepts Test
Concepts Set
Specifications Plan
Development Development
Plan Need to create from the ground up a front and rear-wing for the SDSU's Formula SAE car The additions of front and rear-wings will help increase overall vehicle downforce and allow for better fluid flow Need to improve competition performance over last year’s events Initial Working Parameters Expected Speed: [25: 45] mph
Re Number: [200, 000: 400, 000]
T = 30 deg C @ sea level FSAE Rules and Guidelines
T9.2.1 In plain view, no part of any aerodynamic device, wing, under tray or splitter can be:
a. Further forward than 762 mm (30 inches) forward of the fronts of the front tires
b. No further rearward than 305 mm (12 inches) rearward of the rear of the rear tires.
c. No wider than the outside of the front tires or rear tires measured at the height of the hubs, whichever is wider. 2013 FSAE Rules (Non-Negotiables) Which Airfoil? FSAE Annual Competition Dynamic Events Skid Pad
Measure Car's cornering ability
Consist of a constant radius turn in a figure 8 loop Autocross
Measures car's maneuverability and handling about a predetermined path
Path contains a mixture of hairpin turns, constant radii turns, multiple turns, and straightaways. Endurance
Similar to autocross except done in an extended distance (more laps) Dynamic events involve several types of turns Wing package will create negative lift, allowing for better traction, better turn at faster speed Improve lap times and event scores The Needs Front and Rear-Wing Components By: Errol Cayabyab, Michael Lim, Phillip Moreno s1223 Need a Low Reynolds Number Airfoil S1223 STACKED Multi-Element Dual Element (Single s1223 Airfoil Envelope) TBD TBD FSAE Lincoln, NE
Event Winner Kansas University - Lawrence SDSU Competition Car Airfoil Candidates XFLR5: 2D Plots Wing Element Design Front-Wing Prototype Rear-Wing Prototype Dictates overall "design space." Assumptions Design Choice Scaled Model – 1:4
Wind tunnel maximum speeds at 140 mph Dynamic Similarity RP Models
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