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First Agriculture Revolution

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Mikayla Flores

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of First Agriculture Revolution

First Agricultural Revolution
Where does nomadic life still exist in the world today?

Works Cited
To what extents have these problems been solved?
To solve these problems they would move
frequently to follow animals and available plants.
Some groups relied heavily on fishing, so they ended up staying in one place for good.
When and why did agriculture emerge as a way of life?
Nomadic life still exists in Central Asia and South America.
What are some advantages of sedentary as a way of life?
Agriculture came into play around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.
Agriculture may have been triggered by the changes in climate.
Agriculture started in the Middle East and rapidly spread to other regions such as North China,
It encouraged the expansion technology, but specialization became possibly because of this
Why is agriculture necessary to the development of civilization?
Agriculture is important because it helps people stay sedentary and have an almost guaranteed food supply.
What are some of the problems of people's adapting to a sedentary agricultural lifestyle?
What are some of the problems that people adapting to a sedentary agricultural life have to overcome?
The First
They used the largest seeds, ground
them up, and planted them.
They had a dependency on few plants. Greater vulnerability to weather. Complete dependency on harvest time and need for physical labor.

Debates on Where it

Most debates agree
it first started in the
Fertile Crescent.
What's Grown in Places
China began to grow rice in approximately 8,000 years ago
The America’s began to grow Wheat, beans, squash and potatoes.
Papa New Guinea began to grow Sugar Cane, and bananas.

How did early agriculturalist
deal with the problem of security?
They moved frequently and followed the food.
They also kept animals close to the human living space.
Why Do Agriculturists Have Larger Families Than Hunter Gatherers.
There were officials who were corrupt, cheating the farmers
People got sick easily
Cattle and other livestock were stolen or got sick.
First agricultural signs are in the middle east 8000 BC
Why were some of the earliest agricultural sites eventually abandoned by their inhabitants?
People left some of the early agricultural sites because of polution.
People were still set in the hunter-gatherer lifestyle so they didn't know that they needed to dispose of the dead, of rotten food, of rotten animals, and their own human waste.
Hunter Gatherers had to limit the amount of children they had because they didn't have time to take care of them.
There would be more people helping around the farm so more work would get done.
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