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The Rush for gold

No description

elias montano

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Rush for gold

The Rush for Gold
Life as a 49er
Gold was first discover by James Marshall.
This all begin on January 24, 1848.
Marshall found tiny pieces of gold.
Gold fever
Brannan made sure he brought their gold mining tools from him.
Gold was valued 12.00 to 35.00 an once
Boom town is a town that replies as a result of a new business
Many more men then women came to dig for gold.
Clapp's letter were later publish in San Francisco newspaper.
San Francisco
by Maura Lopez and Angelo Cardona
Life as a miner was hard.
But digging or panning for gold was slow and boring and often dangers work
Where was most gold found
Most gold was found in Sierra Nevada
How did gold effect California
January 24, 1828 started in California boom.
After the gold was from the place miner.
What we learned
we learned that gold is hard to find people say it is easy to find in many kind of reasons.
The gold rush chronicle.com
gold fever discovery.com
Do you like our prezi?
Thank you for watching!!!!!
Gold was found in Coloma
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