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Engineering Studies

The new syllabus - changes, challenges and suggestions

Paul Copeland

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Engineering Studies

Engineering Studies
New course's changes, challenges and suggestions.
Only 4 modules in HSC courseChanges to Yr 11 modules
More materials for Biomedical:TitaniumStainless SteelsElectronics repositionedNew modules mean changes to deliveryDigital electronics
Preliminary Content Changes:
Depth!Content at periphery
Electronics growth:Ohm's Law & Voltage DropsPulse Width ModulationMetalanguage of Engineers- Aluminium alloy not Aluminium- Carbon fibre reinforced polymers not just carbon fibre.
HSC Content Changes:
Lifting devices module removed:That content is now shuffled to other modulesWill still be a deep content to get through for the HSCNew exam format
Concrete TestingBricksCADSimple machinesTesting of materialsWeldingNon-ferrous alloyingThermoplastics
Application Modules
Lift to drag ratioAngle of attackVenturi effectScram jetsFluid mechanics (from Lifting devices)Thermosetting polymersComposites (FML)Copper alloys, eg copper-berylliumSemiconductors - diodes and transistorsAnalogue to digitalDigital TVTransmission mediaLogic gates
Focus modules
g=10 m/s²
Graphical versus Analytical
The Question
Solution 2 :-)
Solution 1 :-)
Solution 3 :-|
Solution 4 X-(
The Three Forces on this Question
Approx 25 % of HSC examBiggest challenge for most students
It's explicitly mentioned - page 25HSC answers show many cannot do itWhole centres often don't attempt itThe day will come when an HSC has a problem that favours Method of SectionsWe have seen Truss Analysis in the HSC become more challenging over time
Method of Sections
How about this one?
After Truss analysis, this is the most hated mechanics areaStudents too often sum forces on the planeStudents always approach these problems analyticallyLadders and inclined planes cause students lots of grief.
Static Friction
Ladder Problem
Ladder Solution:Analytical
Ladder Solution:Graphical
Students struggle applying the knowledgeCannot make judgements about materials in serviceStruggle to understand the properties and what they mean for selectionQuestions 17 and 18 reflect thisAesthetics & Cost should not be the main reasons
The Application of Engineering
Engineering is an applied ScienceToo many students fail to recognise thisThey live in a theoretical worldMake them be real!
The Real World
1.8 minutes/mark
The examination will consist of a written paper worth 100 marks. Time allowed: 3 hours plus 5 minutes reading time. The paper will include a formulae sheet. The paper will consist of two sections. There will be approximately equal weighting of each of the four modules across the examination as a whole. Questions may require students to integrate knowledge, understanding and skills developed through studying the entire course, rather than focusing on a particular module.
HSC Exam
Section I (20 marks) • There will be objective response questions to the value of 20 marks. Section II (80 marks) • There will be approximately seven short-answer questions. • Questions will contain parts. • There will be approximately 25 items in total. • At least two items will be worth from 6 to 8 marks.
Exam Structure
Paul Copeland
Sydney Technical High School

Most newer content is in the final two Yr 12 modulesSome key additions like simple machines were previously assumed knowledgeKids are squandering time on analytical solutionsFar too many fail to understand applying the knowledgeBest preparation for tertiary engineering - that is the feedback I get.
In Summation
Thanks for listening
Any further advice needed?Email me.
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