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How do Horses Adapt?

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karissa nemish

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of How do Horses Adapt?

How do Horses Adapt in Extreme Heat/cold?
How do Horses Adapt?
Horses adapt by changing behavior traits and
sleep standing. Horses tend to sleep standing
in unnatural environments because it is easier to escape from predators and they also have weak bones so if they lay for to long they may injure themselves.
What Happens to Horses in Cold?
Horses grow thicker coats in winter then they have in summer. They are much better adapted then us, we pile our clothes on they get thicker coats. After winter they will shed like crazy if they are pets or wild they both types get thick coats in winter.
How do Horses Adapt to Summer?
Horses lose their
coats in summer.
After winter they
are usually big,
fat and thick coats.
We are nothing like
them we don't
shed. Horses
need a lot of
fresh water for
their body it
helps them just
like us . Horses
sweat a lot in summer that is also why they need water. They also put mud on themselves to cool down and so the flies don't bug them as much
Can Horses Adapt Anywhere?
No it is very hard to adapt it is like moving to a new house, how long does it take for you to adjust? In certain places you need a certain horse....................
Arctic horse
like an Arctic horse........
or a desert horse................
or maybe even a grassland horse................
It takes a long time for a horse to adjust.
it does take time
but most horses can adapt only to their homelands.
horses can not adapt everywhere but they can adapt in their own land the environment they were made in!!!!!!!!
Can a Horse Tell the Weather?
Yes and no. Horses grow hair in winter and in summer they lose most of their hair so we have to brush them lots. So they can and can't tell the weather.
How do
Horses Adapt
in Special
They have special traits and gaits. In the arctic you need a horse that can survive extreme cold. In the desert you will need a horse that can survive extreme heat and not need a drink for days/weeks.
What do Wild Horses Eat in the Wild?
In Spring
In spring they eat nice fresh green grass and drink out of the melted snow remains. Spring happens to be when horses have their babies because there is plenty of nourishing, and also has the most amount of food in all 4 seasons.
In Fall
In fall horses eat fresh green grass and dried up leaves, they have big stomachs so they can eat a lot.
In Winter
In winter horses dig for their food usually dried up grass or sometimes great green grasses. They also eat snow for water.
In Summer
In summer they eat nice fresh grasses and big beautiful plants. They find many water holes in summer too. Horses generally feed in the morning and evening there is less flies.
I got my information from:

and The World Of Horses book
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