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Remember The Titans Prezi

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Jacob Wu

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Remember The Titans Prezi

Remember The Titans Prezi Intro - There are many examples of psychological terms used in this movie. Social Cognition Social Influence Social Action Group Dynamics Attitudes Stereotype - generalized belief about a group of people. - White people view black people as being sub-human or as lesser beings. That's why riots broke out at T.C. Williams highschool. They didn't view black people being worthy to bus or school with their children. Proximity - the longer one is exposed to a stimulus the more likely they are to like it. - Julias and Bertier eventualy grow on each other after being put together during football camp.
- At the beginning of the movie the whites still heted the blacks. During the movie most of the kids that go to TC Williams come together in school spirit. Showing that they started to get along with one another over time. Similarity - people generally choose mates who are similiar to them on variety of dimensions, including height, weight, race, etc. Prejudice - an unjustifiable (and usually negative) attitude toward a group and its members. Prejudice generally involves stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings, and a predisposition to discriminatory action. -When the team found out that Yost had been replaced with a black man. They refused to play for coach Boon. They thought that there was no way he could be a good coach.
  Discrimination - in social relations, taking action against a group of people because of stereotyped beliefs and feelings of prejudice. - when Sunshine takes the (black guys) into the bar and the bar owner refuses to serve them because they are black.
- when someone breaks coach Boon's window Frustration-aggression: The theory that frustration may lead to aggression, but that aggression is always the result of some form of frustration. -the entire movie is based on this (the scapegoat theory). During this time white people hated black people. The white population blamed everything on the black population. The white people’s fix to this was to treat the black people badly because they had a different skin color. Cognitive Dissonance: the theory that people act to reduce the discomfort (dissonance) they feel when their thoughts (cognitions) are inconsistent with their actions. - When they (the white and black athletes) begin to play football with the opposite race. They think in the beginning that it's wrong but are forced to do it. Over time they eventually start liking each other. Which means that they changed their attitudes to match their behaviors. Altruistic behavior: an unselfish regard for the welfare of others. When the team goes for a run in the morning Blue wants to stop but Petey stops and gets him to keep going. Deindividuation - the loss of self awareness and self restraint occuring in group situations that foester arouseal and anonymity. During the beginning of the movie when a black man throws a brick through the white man's store window. Specators turn into rioters after a racial comment was spoken. People acted out with mob mentality because they thought they would not be caught. At the beginning of the movie the Titans didn’t have any support from the community but as the season went on the community began to support the team. Although the Titans were an undefeated team before the support of the community, their season began to improve once the community began supporting them. Social Facilitation - improved performance of tasks in the presence of others ( occurs with simple or well learned tasks but not with tasks in that are difficult or not yet learned) Norms - behaviors and cues within a society or group, or the rules that a group uses for appropriate and inappropriate values All the white people believe the black people should be hated and anyone that didn't wasn't 'normal' or part of the 'in' group. Conformity - tendency to fit in with a group standard
There may be those that don't necessarily hate black people but they do so to fit in. For example the people in the resurant where Petey, Sunshine and Blue were refused. Some of them did not openly stand up for the boys, but were fine dining with them. Obedience - the tendency to comply with orders, implied or real, from someone perceived as an authority. Social Influence - change in behavior that on causes in another, intentionally or unintentially, as a result of the way the changed person perceives themselves in realtionship to the influencer, other people and society in general. Group Dynamics - the ways in which people interact and relate to one-another in a group situation. Social Action - when individuals interact with society in order to achieve a specific goal. It is a sociological concept that looks at the interaction of people within a society. Attitude - beliefs and feelings that predisposes one to respond in a particular way to objects, people, and events. Social Cognition - the study of how people process social information, especially its encoding, storage, retrieval, and application to social situations. -The first time both the teams met, they were split blacks on one side, whites on the other and they didn’t accept each other as team mates or people. - during the first game when Petey refuses to listen to coach Boon, coach Yost pulls him over and puts him on the defense. Petey then starts listenting to coach Yost. - all the players listen to coach Boon since he's the coach. by: Jacob Wu and Stephanie Martin THE END - Ray bought his time on the team and intentionaly did not black for Rev on a play simply because Rev was black. This caused Rev to end up with a season ending injury. - Garry's mother refused to let Garry play basketball with Julius and instead dragged him off to church - when coach Yost doesn't get the award he should have gotten just because he got on well with the coach Boon. - some white boys start a fight with Petey since he's black and because he was merely talking to the guy's girlfriend. - Garry and his girlfriend liked each other because they hung out with similiar people. Though once Garry started socializing with his black teamates, Emma eventualy refused to be with him. Proving that people usually choose those that are similiar to them. Risky Shift - when people are in groups, they make decision about risk differently from when they are alone. In the group, they are likely to make riskier decisions, as the shared risk makes the individual risk less. - at the very beginning the football team goes to the fight infront of the store where a black boy was shot. Fights are dangerous, but since they were in a group it seemed less risky. Just-World Phenomenon - the tendancy for people to want to believe the world is fundamentaly just. - most white people in Virginia felt that it was okay that black people were misstreated even if they were really " only hating their brother." - Garry Bertier. They felt the world was just since they wern't the ones being targeted. - most black people at the time felt that the world was not just since they were the victims of prejudice. - the referees at the state championship football game ruled one sidedly against the Titans because they were a mixed team.
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